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Sunday, August 13, 2006

How I know the exams are nearby

How i know the exams are nearby:

  1. I start to get more attached to my bed
  2. I start getting more attached to the internet: KEEP OPENING internet explorer to see stuff i just saw bout 2 secs earlier
  3. Distracted. Much more than usual, By the heart, by the mind, but my conscience is gagged and tied up in some closet
  4. Time passes so fast that i can't name things i did today
  5. Indulgence. in any pleasurable form of distraction: Super crunchy peanut butter, orisinal.com
  6. physiologically: My ear tips start turning red, my sinuses start to get inflammed: hypersensitivity due to lowered immune system due to stress due to lack of studying for exam
  7. start writing crap about the world and relationships

Here goes nothing:

It's interesting how human interaction or the lack thereof which causes a sense of isolation is determined by the relationships of people involved. E.g. odd person with 2 couples in a dining area. Next is positioning: You get more interaction if you are literally at the centre of the group, center of attraction.

How much you want to interact with people is determined by how insecure you are. Interaction creates relationships which you will deem essential for social stability and security. If you are totally secure and at peace, you do not need people, just silence alone is beautiful enough.

Flawful points of social interactions... I promise to study hard after this post and after i cook my pasta for dinner.

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