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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Nice for Jocelyn to appreciate what i sent back for her. Haha nice to catch up too. appreciation a really nice feeling thingy to receive. but yet very low cost to give.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sense of helplessness

helpless are people who dun want to help themselves. Since i am feeling a bit helpless, i would think i am subconsciously not wanting to help myself. Which is not a smart thing. Wish my subconscious is smarter than that. I have put my subconscious aside. HOpe i feel less hopeless after i navigate myself away from the ill effects of the procrastinating subconscious. We all want to rest and relax inside of us, just that we override that so that we can do better and work harder.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Photos from Rural Bairnsdale

The photos for Bairnsdale, my rural attachment for 2 weeks are up. Go look at my Flickr or here. Had a lovely time, the best accomodation: waterfront balcony, BBQ, tennis courts, swimming pool. A place of salvation after a long tiring day.

Activities were good, got to be in an amubulance and administer morphine and GTN to a cardiac patient. Got to do plastering, do IV cannulation on Jeff.
Got to talk to a few interns, and 4th year students. Got to see breath-taking views of the country. See how some people actually stay where there is not a single living soul other than you in a few kilometers radius.

Now back with so many thngs to do. Hope i sleep less.

a myriad of Assignments

Assignments many, i see
i gotta have to do what i have put aside to be.

fatigue creeps in
even with the loss of time through lumbering slumber.
sleep a time where we are free,
though not when it is full of dreams of work, if not nightmares.

the incessant chattering of voices telling me to start what i have to,
but i turn a deaf ear, when i dun hear them with ears.
procrastination, suspension, lingering, loitering, that's what i have been doing.

and it all ends today. for the mountains i have built at the back of my mind from a long to-do list,
are about to come crashing from my high expectations that only make them higher.

looking into the future and hoping that i can become what i see.
not a dream only is it?

Friday, May 04, 2007

At rural: Bairnsdale

Currently blogging at the Gippsland skool of rural health, apparently had previous 5 attempts at bloggin around here and at Omeo but to no avail. Well at last i get my chance. Beautiful place, beautiful accomodation. Good luck to Jeff hugging Jessica Alba at the premiere of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Gtg for PCL now. Will be back at urban on 11 May.