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Sunday, May 24, 2009


having a headache now from a possible neck strain from sleeping too much.

well it's part of recuperating from the virus that gone from my nose to now my right lung. but prob from also erratic sleep patterns in the past 2 days.

  1. went to shoot on Friday. A clubbing event called Flaunt Fridays at BLVD club in Southbank. came home at like 3. slept at 5
  2. woke at 5am Today (sunday) to go to Airport to fetch Melissa and Mavell =)
so as u guessed it, the studying hasnt happened over the past few days. but well i am starting now.

meanwhile. i think i love my darling more each day =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

sick again

seems like this year has got me sicker than most. i am down with the cold. one that has resulted in me missing a Surgical group simulation and training day program with MUSIG (monash uni surgical interest group), and missed a possible opportunity of finally earning some cash from photography, shooting a night club event, yes clubbing!

well i am enroute to recovery but i think tmr i still shouldnt be seeing neonates, for fear i give them the cold and kill them.

thank God that i have a caring and loving half to take care of me so well. we ended up going to Hoyt's for movieS. yes we watched 2, we got tickets for Star Trek but i got a bit spontaneous after the nice movie and decided to stay with Becky for the next show that we wanted to watch: Angels and Demons. Haaha and tt's with only one ticket ;pp

meanwhile in studyville, it's 3 weeks to exams and i havent been reading because i have been to shagged from a busy Frankston hospital for paeds, o i have been sickly. so i gotta catch up. can't let the others surpass me so easily lol.