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Monday, June 26, 2006

It's been a long time; 6 days to ColdPlay! 9 Days to Sydney!

Many things happened. Went to city and Brighton Beach again with Ling² and Wan Sze with MJ, Jas and Terrance. Went to Smith street for factory outlet again, didn't buy anything as my thrifthy self. Wan bought another jacket for William, that girls spends a lot on him.

Terrance's Car had no space for all to get to Brighton beach, so the noble MJ decided to go on his own journey to get his wushu shoes. Which he got, a nice white addidas which is now coated in my neutral kiwi...

We reached Brighton Beach just b4 sunset. Sorry to Ling and Wan Sze and Jas who haven't been there to see the beach at almost night time. But i had a good time taking all the photos with Ling's camera. If only i had my tripod with me... Browse the photos, they're not bad.

Well soon it was left with Jas, MJ and I. 3 people 相依为命。 We cooked like we never cooked b4. Item's on the menu include curry fish head with fish body... Shepard's Pie, Oysters, Sambal Long bean, Emperor Chicken (like 药材鸡) Laksa Yong Tao Hu.

Work work work. Shagged. That's all i can describe bout it. Mark GCE, GCSE scripts by stare at the blardy screen for 7½ hours a day. Last week work on Saturday 8 to 1 somemore. But pay coming in 2 days! Can at least see some money rolling in. Well at least there's Kary, Amy, Daryl Cheng, MJ JAs Jonathan Tan to keep me company at work.

Kary and I were super farney. First day at work, we talked to each other so much we gold told off by the boss. haha after 2 weeks of work we started to talk again but more discetely. It's after all the best way to keep each other awake. We get so bored at the monotony of the work that we constantly want to fall asleep. This is further worsened by the fact that we frequently watched Soccer at Terrance's house (thanx terrance). Let me give u an example of the kinda answers that can keep us awake:

Qn: Name the type of Reaction in the above question. (or something like that)

Ans: Thermal Decomposition

Their answers:

  1. A Good Reaction
  2. The name is so bad i cannot write it
  3. I dunno
  4. ?

Qn: What radiation causes skin cancer? (or something like that)
Ans: UV rays

Their answers:

  1. Ultraviolate rays
  2. Ultraviolent

Soccer: I like watching soccer, i dun play much, but i think my pre-premidlifecrisis alzheimer's is kicking in, affecting my hearing and occasionally sight. Jasmine and MJ can vouch for my recent hard of hearing. Time to syringe the ear, and break a tympanic membrane or 2.

And for those out there who are sad like I always am here's something:

We prance around all day in the face of others, in a mask so thick to mask our thoughts and emotions, so fearful of the vulnerability of exposure
We arrive at the end, in sweet solace in the arms of a loved one, a listening friend, but I think i only got myself

Where ever you are, there is always someone there waiting at the door knocking so hard, the door's gonna crumble
But you are deaf with your sorrow, blinded from the world by your mask.
Why do you put yourself through this immense pain by yourself.
Open the door, let your inundated emotions run wild in the wilderness while the caring hand sccops in through the door to hold your tears
For every drop is so precious that you shouldn't lose too many of them, i'll help u save them...
A wet shoulder, A friend's ear full of your saliva, saves the day, it ain't that bad to share, is it?
A friend in need, indeed.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Quicky

This will be a fast post, i gotta do my assginment. I have to finish it by tomorrow and i'm not even half way through. Sighh... Play too many games liao.

Exams was not fantastic, Felt it was difficult and that i was less prepared than the previous one. Scary thought... I think i will pass. 13 July, the date (of release of results) to look forward to, and yet not. We had a great celebration after, went to Crown for buffet, had KTV from 9.45 pm till bout 3.30 am. W0OT! Some of them decided to stay on in city till the next day and they slept at Crown's KFC and arcade, got chased by Security guards. But i went back apparently to get more rest for assignment... but i did not do assignment in the end... Photos up go look, not many though.

Dinner today was fantastic with the ever chio Ling and also the National Fencer Wan Sze, Korean fod rulez! too bad got no chio korean waitress... lucky got 2 chio bus to acompany me ;P haha

Starting Work on Tuesday. *Yay*

Here's a clip for all u flying fanatics out there. It's quite a long clip (dun say i didn't warn u) but it's probably good enough to convert those who think flying is just... flying to love the Thunderbirds (no not the ones with strings on them, these are real professionals, if u can do it at home go ahead)

The Thunderbirds

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Photophobia: did she get it from Nesseria meningitidis?

Just saw this pop up from my google desktop, reminded me of...

Phi back when we had the bbq at Kathy's house, sure gonna miss that bunch when we change groups. I'll miss Kathy, our tutor too.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Presenting *drum rolllllllll* John! "Ta da"

The last tear will never drop indeed... there u go Johnny boy... who needs sg idol when u got him.

Josh's dream

Waterfall, Mc Escher
Originally uploaded by kerfern.

Love Mc Escher fantastic art that is not just beautiful only. This piece is "Waterfall 1961 Lithograph" though i prefer to call it the perpetual motion machine (a scientific impossibility)

So wierd Josh's dream, followed by wierd Josh's question: whether i "mind it coming thru?". Woo double whammy. For those who noe it, keep it to yourself. For those who do not know, better not to know for the sake of years to come...

Love my PCL tute group!

Love my PCL tute group!
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Had a wonderful semster with my PCL tute group, and definitely with our dear tutor Adina. She's fantastic. It was the last turorial and we'll be changing groups next semester *sob*

So we had a mini party with doritos, i contributed Tim Tams with Kelvin bcos Kary couldn't get me her organic corn chips. But well we had fun watched funny clips and there was too much food. Tim actually baked us a cake! We're gonna miss u. Hope we at least see her when we do dissections later in the year.

Had a great soccer game with Josh, John, Becky, Kelvin a.k.a. Shearer, Alex and some other Aussies. Though it ended with a super flop by me and therefore ended the game with the last goal.