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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Internet explorer "porn mode"

one of the funniest things ever, a privacy mode in new internet explorer to conceal your 'movements'

credits to Gizmodo

Sunday, August 24, 2008

this week in my life

So today i went for the Anatomy quiz with my teammates Becky and Melissa (the 4th year meddie=)) it was fun, but well we didnt do very well and we attributed that to calculation error. the topic was thorax and our score was worse than some participants who didnt study. so well w didnt win. it was a $500 book boucher flown away lol. well we may joint the next quiz: head and neck.

and at last i started on my CAT assignment. we have to appraise a journal article that would eb able to answer questions arising from a clinical scenario. the arduous journey to complete the assignment (which some may argue takes only a few hours) is still on for me. but well at least i got to play with an opthalmoscope again thanks to my baby.

and this week something triggered a lot of thought. it's about burning paper for the deceased.
there are many who say that burning paper whether houses or paper 'hell money' is part of buddhism. i can safely say i do not think so, it may be a part of taosim, but it isnt part of true taoism too. it probably is art of what some call 多神教 yup translated to many god religion, where most of the time in the religion is spent worshipping numerous gods.

offerings to gods have been part of worship by many religions, it is a form or respect and also expression of fear. Whether it is the sacrifice of the numerous lambs in the bible, or the sacrificial processions in the muslim mosques or burnt incense for buddhism and taosim, it is still for worship. But the problem is when people get too involved in worship and forget about the teachings of the various religions. the christian teaching of love, the buddhist teaching of enlightnment, the teachings of taoism of The Way, and we get too caught up in the lowest level of religion, just worshipping alone.

then the burning of offerings gets extended to the burning for the deceased. it used to be incense to show respect for the deceased, that they are not forgotten. then came the square paper with a gold centre bordered by a red square, that was fanned out in a fashionable way and tossed one at a time into the burning inferno. Then came the belief that burning 'hell money' and houses and cars and what nots are for the deceased to 'live comfortably' in the afterlife.

well we can start thinking about the production of the paper stuff. they do have exquisite designs, mercedes cars and huge mansions. and the detail put into the 'hell money'. so somehow this stuff that we print and onstruct when burnt ends up in the afterlife. but well the mercedes car does not have a steering wheel or the boot space, the mansions have no bulbs or fridge or car porch or toilets, the hell money probably can be photocopied. so it really doesnt make sense to me the EXCLUSIVITY of the objects burnt and the fact that that bunch of paper used to make a house costs thousands of $$$. should get my architect friend to go into this business. my point is that why do you have to buy it from this swindling businessmen?

next is of course the process of burning, in what way does the burning of the offerings end up in the afterlife? mm wouldnt the house or cars be too small? and what makes you think there is ability to bring these material stuff over to the afterlife if there is one?

okay enough said. ranting ranting. and just to remind, these are my point of view, everyone is entitled to state their believes ;p and apologies to all those out there buying real houses and real cars from the money they earn from selling these paper ones ;p

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why men cheat?

i am not an expert nor a well read person on this subject, but this are just my thoughts and opinion
This may explain why cheating happens, but this doesnt mean that i think it's right. It is wrong, wrong, wrong, period.
well the things i have to say are from my perspectives of social norms, and of course you are entitled to have differing concepts of what is normal. leave a comment =)

what is cheating? traditionally: it's having sexual relations with people other than your partner. it has been extended to wider ground especially in asian conservative culture to just doing anything that seems to express your liking for another person through physical and emotional means.

So why?
males of all creatures that run around are born to instinctively spread his seed to get as many offsprings as possible for procreation, while females were born to stick to one companion and take care of the offspring. this is of course an overgeneralisation, there are birds that have only 1 partner ever and do not ever find other partners when their female partner dies like the love birds.
A friend did remind me, after all we are humans not animals, so we should have some control over such unscrupulous behaviour, and be able to fight such instinct of promiscuity, and i agree!
My darling reminds me that females release one egg once a month while guys release 70 million sperm each time they ejaculate. So much for monogamy.

another reason why is that guys say that they get bored of their current relationship and the thrill of chasing another girl makes his life more intersting. well there is no denying that the chase can be more elaborate and fulfilling than the relationship itself. However, there is a commitment to make in relationships and going around chasing other skirts should not be for those who intend to keep their partners. ;p

then there is seduction, if the root of the problem is not with the guy, it has to be the vixen aint it? constant exposure to seduction and also lack of negative feelings towards the vixen will only lead to trouble in a short time, (like a stone of benevolence being attrited slowly) unless he is willing to stick to his current partner no matter what. Well usually vixens are more attractive, though they offer less stability and security, but well guys are always a bit thick headed when it comes to choosing sometimes.

then there are those that slowly and gradually inch closer to liking. it's a friend that you know, then you realise you got many things in common, then without a clear transition the intense liking happens, and you get shocked when you suddenly realise you start wanting to use the L word. The scariest reason in my opinion, it creeps on you slowly.

Well and to end this post. for those who have cheated and those who intend to cheat, think twice about how much you love your so called other half, because if you loved her enough, you wouldnt have cheated, and it is not really worth wasting time if there has been no love.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008


So smilies have started to make it on my blog titles!

studied well with the gf the past weekend and also got to cook ku lou yok (not a very good attempt though). Had a huge dinner with Becky's granduncles and their friends and i am really glad got to meet them, such successful people.

having MCRs (mini case reports(my mini exam)) tomorrow and i think i should be fine, but my tuttor just grilled 2 of my groupmates and i like his style: asking questions till you cannot answer them to assess your level of knowledge.

Apologies the photos are coming on slowly. it is a good thing: means i am actually studying ;p

it's getting quite cold here, but well at least they are getting some water for their drying dams.

so good luck to me tomorrow for MCRs, and hope my gastro/Renal/Urology rotation works out well =)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday!

First: Happy 23rd Birthday to John Lee Wei Chern. 2 Aug =) had a good call.

Then: Happy 21st Birthday to Bambie Lee. 3 Aug Thanks for everything =) photos will be up soon.

and something interesting to calculate distances in the world: Google Map Distance Calculator

Aparently, or as a matter of fact, i am 6059Km from Home while i sleep every night =)