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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A good Read from a good Friend

For those who know him, they know him for his literary prowess: Moses Tan. Future lawyer. Fantastic writer. If you got time. I recommend his 3 articles on his blog. He's one of my exit links. Go check it out.

Sydney 5 July till 12 July, Period where i got to noe my friends better

First i would like to thank my friends yes all 4 of you, who went to Sydney together. Got to know all of you better. Especially Jasmine and Ming Jian, both of which i got to know much better in the holidays. Worked, Cooked, opened up to each other: almost peering into each other's inards. Ethan and XY: thanx for being there and making it a nice trip.

Snuffles though inanimate (Refer to Xin Yi's Blog for a pic of Snuffles), made alive by the imaginaions of Xin Yi who's obsessed that she's Snuffle's mum, brought us much pleasure. Nope it was not a sex toy, it was just a faithful companion for us to share the nice sunsets, sunrises, sun over heads(especially since all of us couldn't share it with our lovers or rather some didn't have lovers to begin with) sigh...

Well well. Now that the characters are introduced, here's the story:
MJ, XY and Ethan went to Sydney first on Monday, 3 July for Hillsong Conference. For those who do not know, it's a christian conference. Jasmine and I then arrived subsequently on 5 July. Apparently our accomodation in a backpacker's hotel is actually located in the middle of King's Cross, something like our Geylang, just that they have more peep show shops, and there is no you tiao or nice food there other than my favourite kebab.

So Jas and I went to the Hillsong Night Rally on Wed. Which was a bad idea. No! not a bad idea to go there, just the wrong day to go. We should have went for the last night on Friday instead. Now, note that Jas and I aren't particularly christians but we just go lookie, and for me, well i'm still not a christian. It was my first experience of Charismatic worship. Extremely exciting! Amazing how the voice of 1 person can move the thousands of people. I literally felt the highs and lows, the energy level was obvious to me, since i am quite sensitive to energies. When the energy level hit its highest, i was having shots of shocks up my spine to my feeling body, can feel the amount of energy exuding due to the willingness for all the people to open up and give. It's fantastic. How amazing how a few people can lift the spirits of so many.

So then i spent the next few days with Jasmine around Sydney, from Thursday to Friday to be precise. We went Many places together, and we shot at the world like we never saw the world b4. Almost leaving every stone turned just by taking pictures. But well we're rewarded with fantastic pictures. Go to Jasmine's blog to see her pics. I bought a Mambo lime green polo tee and Jasmine in the end bought a piece from Mambo too. We also spent almost one whole day finding a pair of shades for Jasmine. Who call her to grow up with a small face, so difficult to find, have to satisfy so many criteria, like look for boyfriend like that. But in the end, she got it. We probably had the best time at the Botanical gardens. Attempting to capture the smile evoking surroundings. So beautiful. Then as according to plan, we managed to see the sunset behind the Opera house and Sydney harbour bridge, so beautiful but got no lover to share with again. sigh.. Darling Harbour had a nice sunset too. But the sunrise from our hotel was only okay, colours were there, but couldn't see the sun, and clouds were hiding it.

As usual Ker Fern's memory fails and bits and pieces comes from all places.

So the 5 of us, at last united, went for tour together. Bondi Beach was fun, at last could smell the sea, and see waves big enough for a surf. Beautiful water, so blue, so white the froth. Then Watson's Bay. Watson's bay was probably the most beautiful place. We walked around 6 km from Bondi to Watson's bay, long but not long enough to tire, had so much on-road entertainment, and tiredness was diverted away by our sheer amazement as we see the sun gradually setting through peeps of it on open streets. Then we arrived at the park. Dunno wat park, but there i saw a rebroadcast station for a live feed for footy, talked to those chaps for a while. The highlight was the sunset and the swing! At last i got to sit on the swing, yes i had a deprived childhood. We got pictures of each other on the swing with the sun setting behind the opera house and bridge under us while swinging. Look at the pictures and you'll see what i mean.

Watson's bay beauty by day, by night, it still mesmerises. We were all late, for dinner, and were hurrying down this road with us still taking pictures of stars, and remenants of the setting sun. Then came the lighthouse. The one that stirred the spontaneity in both Xin Yi and I to go explore this vast lush green land (which by now is pitch dark) by the lighthouse. Oh my, the expanse was huge, so huge i wished i was there just an hour earlier.
And the stars! So bright in the sky, it would be a photographer's paradise; to sit there and capture the stars as they fly by through the night. And wake up in the morning to get the sun rise against this lush greenery, with the lighthouse on the edge, the sea i view. At least i got my friends to share this moment with me.

Both Xin Yi and I took too long to admire, it probably caused irritation to the hungry souls waiting for us, good thing Ethan was there to remind us to go back. Mesmerising, one of the finest moments in life it was. Amazing how the different scenes of the place just flashed by me. If only i could stay there for the night, too bad stars can't fill my tummy. I will come back to that exact spot when i get my dSLR, if i get it, probably bring a tent along.

Had dinner at Doyle's. As fine as seafood can ever be served. Met a bunch of kids at a playground in ROBERTSON park, the horny kids bubbling with raging hormones were spouting out sexual connotations and teaching us the 'popcorn trick'. And they are about 14 years old.

For those who do not know the popcorn trick here is an attempt to recreate the explanation brought forth to us by these kids in the most decent of ways (not recommended for people who are not so openminded): the setting is a couple at the movies, and the move is initiated by the male counterpart by firstly buying a tub of popcorn, he has to cut a hole at the bottom of the tub, so he has to bring a pair of scissors or blade along. In the midst of the movie, he extend his organ of copulation through the hole into the tub, effectively defiling the popcorn. This is when he initiates a converstaion with his partner whether male or female, where he instigates the partner to reach for more popcorn, and reach deep. The curious partner will then reach in and discover an anomaly in the tub. To which further reaction is subject to the partner's openess of mind and lust. i.e. the guy may get slapped by the partner.

So now back to the story at hand. Some time later, we went to Darling Harbour again, hope it was not too sian for Jasmine, the sun was not right but caught reflection of the purple clouds against the window of a restaurant. Went to Hay Street, Chinatown, where MJ and Ethan lost to little kids at Time Crisis 4, can't blame them, they're seasoned players. And i agree with Xin Yi, She said there got more Hot guys. I had my eyes on a many hot girls too. lol. Then at night we had 'Korean' BBQ according to Jasmine's Roy, but it was actually Japanese. Sumptuous food, beef galore. Green tea ice cream, a new obsession.

We watched World Cup Finals in a bar just beside our Hotel. Apparently we got free VIP status and got free drinks ranging from wine to water, of which they all took soft drinks while i got a beer and also free pizza. Zidane... France... Sigh...

We went for Blue Mountains. Still pissed at the bus driver for not letting us bring our Mac breakfast up the bus though we secretly did in the end. Opened the windows and took shifts to eat, so we can observe whether the bus driver was looking at us, and prevent the smell from infiltrating the rest of the bus. Wel it was fun, took many pictures, 3 sisters + the 2 hot babes = 5 sisters. The wild forest reminded me of army and jungle topo. The Candy Shop, too funky for the faint-hearted, a must stop if you go blue mountains, Pictures available.

The next thing i remembered was the Krispy Kreme's at Sydney airport. Bought a box for Karmun, Who's flying off tmr actually. Sad... Krispy Kremes, a fad, a taste of it's own kind, was a fantasy, still craving for it, unhealthy, wish some people in Singapore could get to taste it.

Not much of a story. Think my brain's a swiss cheese, too many holey parts, lack of memory, just plain lazy brain. Thanks to all the Chio Bus and Yan Daos who posed for my photos and endured my commands to stay in a certain beautiful position to capture. Rambles period.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Coldplay Twisted Logic

So a post 17 days Late. IT was my first concert, the kind possibly classified as rock concert, though think they are classified as alteranative rock. Was extremely excited. Furthermore, had the most interesting friends to go with, Kary, Jereme, Dinesh and Jan. For those who know me in biomed quiz: yes it's the Dinesh that said pneumothorax when we were presenting our PBL on peptic ulcer.

The concert started with Youth Group warming us up. And well i guess i dun noe much of their music. Except their resing of Forever Young. And we waited soooo long for Coldplay to actually come out after them. Noticed that Chris Martin's MTF on his piano (see my photos) which is actually Make Trade Fair. And the ignorant me dun noe anything bout it, while Kary knew well what it was.
Seeing them do their sound check, and all the equipment shifting and setting up, sure did remind me of the good old days of P.A. Crew. Sure miss those times and people, where i got to see free concerts.

So it started. WE were standing about 4 rows from the stage. The lighting effects were amazing, Lasers used in Clocks, The large screen behind used for almost every song. and the play of shadows, creations of silhouettes. Music: need i say anything. It was the closest i got to Coldplaying ever, live music. A chance to hear our own voices at times. It was stupendous, it was stupefying, it was perfect. Many times a zap of excitement sprints doen my spine, almost tingling and numbing. The songs were mostly from X any Y, but had the few older ones: Yellow, The Scientist, A Rush of Blood, and many i can't remember. Yellow had massive yellow baloons running down the audience. Yes, it's in theis pic i took.

It was in the end topped off with Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of My Head. Looking forward to my next concert. What ever it is...

Go Look at my videos and Photos, Credits for some pictures and videos go to Dinesh. My Camera ran out of battery while i was recording The Scientist. This is dedicated to those who like The Scientist and Yellow especially to Shihui, (wish u were here to see Coldplay too):


The Scientist


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A pre-coldplay post post, pre sydney post. Post Life of 3.1415926536, and post Short History of Nearly Everything

If u get the title, U're either a genius that understands anything anyway or u actually understand my random stringing of words together that has sense but probably grammatically so wrong that i would disappoint Mrs Koh (my GP tutor). As u can tell i am a little off today.

Apologies for not being able to post anything substantial for The Coldplay Concert. I did the best of things to do... Forgot to bring spare batteries to my already dying camera. So i need to rely on Dinesh's photos and VIDEOS which i have yet to get. Will do a proper post for that

Working has got me thinking and mentally enhanced. Why? u might ask? marking papers, staring at the computer screen, continuous incessant noise of muse clicking actually stimulates brain cells? There was so little brain actiity that we seriously had problems staying awake. Kary's Audio books, a life saver. They kept me company. Being the infrequent reader that i always have been, it's amazing that i actually finish 'reading' 2 books. Through my iPod nano. First Short History of Nearly Everything then Life of Pi (aka 3.1415926536)

Short Hist: Got me high at first with the abstract physics, (for those who do not know, i actually like abstract physics a lot, enough for me to consider a career in it before), then it was a steep decline of interest after. Chemistry was not so bad. Then came the dinosaurs, and worse: taxonomy. There is actually more than a chapter on taxonomy. How can they talk so much about name calling... Well i learnt a lot i guess, but it kept me awake at least.

Life of Pi: Interesting relapse of Robinson Sucroe, Crusoe whateva. The tale of a whole book of lies. Ship wreck. Not really lies as metaphors used too literally. Go read. It ain't too bad, Just that it couldn't keep me awake most of the time and i have to interject it with some Likin Park or Eminem to give my consciousness a few light face slaps to keep me clicking.

Oooh! and did i mention i actually met Jake the presient of the Singapore Students Association of Victoria (SSAV). He was at the computer beside me. I also met NorWind, Funky name for a malaysian girl. Got their contacts.

Enough! I need to go pack. 2 hours to leave for Sydney and i dun have anything in my bag other than my underwear. Ta ta for now

~brought to u by the letter C (for Coldplaying is cooler than Qoo)~

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I will not tag someone...

XIUWEN! Why did u do this to me! haha. well here goes the post that stops here, no more propagation no more harmed victims. First time i do this kinda stuff, but all u readers out there, if u want to do it, just go ahead. Now, now, dun complain that i'm not sporting. I just dun realy like chain mail and this kind of stuff all together. Everyone's entitled to an opinion right? And posts like this are like tearing the clam shells apart of me that i have been sometimes trying to shut so tightly... Things like this always ask bout favourites. It suddenly occur to me that, i've been sailing through life without much favourites... Just taking things as they come along, occasionally and i really mean occasionally actually label some inanimate as a favourite. No wonder i actually have difficulty deciding whether i actually like a person. Wow, i'm wierd.

1. Do the following WITHOUT complains

2. Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours(I will not)

3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this. (i will not)

Favourites Favourite Colour: Green...Favourite Food: anything cooked with love, from a sandwich (theoretically not cooked) to a 10 course dinner to my crystal jade timsum. Favourite Song: Wherever You will Go (The Calling), The Scientist (Coldplay) Favourite Movie: Before Sunset Favourite Sport: Archery (but i probably totally can't shoot after so many years) Favourite Day of the Week: Monday (just bcos everybody hates it) Favourite Season: Seasonal Affective Disorder Favourite Ice Cream: Ice cream is ice cream, love every type of it.

Currents Current Mood: Psyched, Just watch Tokyo Drift in MJ's Room Current taste: Yogurt, just finished 1 litre of Vanilla Yogurt Current Clothes: shorts and a VJ 02 orientation tee Current Desktop: Morning at Normanby (go look at my flikr) .Current Toenail Colour: Pale, from cold feet Curent Time: half past midnight Current Surroundings: my room at halls. inundated by the noisy fan from my laptop Current Annoyances: Do i ever get annoyed? I dunno

FirstFirst Best Friend: Bryan in Faith Methodist (K1) First Crush: Emily from Faith Methodist (K1, We held hands i think, she was my partner when we were lining up. ) First Movie: Snow White and 3 little pigs, i watched one just after the other, my mum bought both and that got me hooked onto teevee. First Lie: Can't remember, the earliest i remember is when i told the maid i was going toilet when 4 or 5 yrs old when i actually went to the playground First Music: Still have the 1st music book my parents bought when i was 3 or 4, notice ABC and twinkle stars have the same tune.

LastsLast Cigarette: Does passive smoking count. Can't blame me, i'm blessed with asthma, so i'll prob nvr smoke Last Drink: Does water count? alcohol will be from the port that my neighbour Kar Mun couldn't finish Last Car Ride: bout 6 i think just came back from Mount Dandenong (Thanx again Terrence) Last Crush: Can't decide, too many to choose and lost count. lol Last Movie: Click! in the cinema, Tokyo Drift in MJ's room Last Phone Call: with Kary about her getting the same zone ticket as i am for the Coldplay concert Last CD played: Whoa! tricky one. Acronis True Image Recovery disk, to reclone my hard disk

Have you ever Have you ever dated one of your best friend: Have i ever even had a proper date? lol Have you ever broken the law: Does underage clubbing count? Have you ever been arrested: NOPE. Have you ever skinny-dipped: nope. I am not skinny and i dun dip, i plunge. Have you ever been on TV: Nope but acted in Victoria Theatre before, closest i had with showbiz. Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: lol kiss! u gotta be kidding!

5 things you are wearing: i'm wearing less than that, 1 of significance is modesty. 4 things you done today: Watched a penalty shootout in Terrence's house, Make Pancakes there, went to Mt Dandenong, forgot to get my aunt a birthday card, watch tokyo drift. 3 things you can hear right now: Some ass speaking so loudly in the hallway, my pesky loud laptop fan, my harddisk running 5 people to tag? 5 people i meet in heaven, maybe i should get started on tt audio book