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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The tide comes and goes

i refer to the photography aspects of my life.

lost the job at the nightclub to a mroe experienced phtoographer. and got an assignment from a online fashion site: stylemelbourne.

so life goes on. i'm currently doing psych at Frankston hospital. really fun i think lol.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

And so a new chapter begins

i've got a new website =) it's http://www.kerfern.com for my photography. have a look and leave some comments =)

tmr will be start of a new semester. starting with psych. and 2 full days of lecture from 0830 to 5 pm

had a good holiday =)
  1. got a photography job where i shoot clubs every friday and get $100 for it.
  2. shot a lot of shoots with victor =)
  3. played DOTA and CS lol
  4. learnt how to play majong properly
  5. dinners with friends
  6. had KTV with friends =)
  7. missed my Becky who went back to sg
at least i had a great time. now it's time to start work again.