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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Work work work.

Well today is my first day at work. Retail at Raoul Hitachi towers. Standing is a norm i suppose. Steep learning curve. But think i should make it. But i end up too tired to run 10 km everynight which was wat i set out to do in the first place. Well my weekends are off! but guess what they are for: Archery. And maybea bit of a swim. i need a tan!

Pledge my loyalty to archery by suscribing to Potong Pasir CC's arcehry club, only $18 a year membership. Good now got time and place to shoot on weekends. First have to get a new bow string, my old one is a bit frayed. Maybe i'll bring my bow to Australia if i get enough kick out of it agian. Good to see Kim Chow and my coach Mr Lee again. The Marist archery club which i helped setup seems to be doing quite well. Think there is a Marist that went for SEA games.

Tai Chi. Many say it's an old man sport. But i noe other wise. Been learning that ewvery morning at 0630. So shagged. The amount i sweat from 1 hr tai chi is equivalent to running 10km. Go offline at midnight, then wake at 0630, then work from 11 to 8 pm. Late dinner. Go online for a while. and the cycle repeats.

Salsa. Hope i dun step too many feet this Wednesday. Later become serial foot stepper. No one cares if you have 2 left feet, as long as they dun go any wear near the top of their toes. Dance, maybe i actually will get happy feet.

Airticket. A reminder to people heading back to Australia. Book your tickets soon. They are going out quite fast.

Love and life. Miss Ho my first draft should be out soon i hope. Too tired to think. ;p

Cheese cake: The combined power of specialised equipment (not like the anyhow concocted euipment back in australia), my mum and my skill, i announce the successful baking of not 1 but 2 cheesecake. i conclude that my recipe always has extra for another cake. It was for my Dad's birthday! will post some pictures soon.

Camera: for those who also interested in the Panasonic FZ-50. The price is about $850 before GST: including a 512 mb card and the standard pack and 1 yr warranty.
There is a shop at Sim Lim that sells at $650 but only camera, no card, no warranty. How dodgey is that?!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nice one...

Many thanx to Jeff for setting up THE Monash meddies blog. Hope it will stay alive and provide good sharing of information and ideas!! Go look http://monashmed2010.wordpress.com/

Well i went for my interview at Raoul, the manager said that i will have to wait for the HR department to get back to me. Once again i have to cross my fingers, getting a lil tired of doing that... Thanks to JOHAN for the intro to the job. And thios is a declaration that if i get the job i will give u a good treat. Met John coincidentally at Suntec, well Singapore is small..

Had a bout of Gastroenteritis (food poisoning), well that puts my training for tai chi and running on halt for a while. And so my own food marathon is on halt too... sigh

Sadly, i have to start doing housework again. Starting with the floors... Soon it will al come, windows (i have got too many windows, just a lil short of a glass house), curtains, the aircon, then the toilets, the garden. Well wat to do, no maid and also i am the only child and my parents arent that young anymore.

Should attempt to finish up the notes that i didnt have time to make during exams. before work starts.

Friday, November 17, 2006

So now i'm back...

Back, and the humidity is killing me slowly. Realise that i dunno what to do for the whole period till i go back. I am going back after chinese new year.

Maybe i can get a job, shoot some arrows after a 5yr hiatus from archery. Wonder if my coach still remembers me. Maybe get a attachment to a chinese physician who is my family friend for a bit of accpuncture. Definitely meet friends that i missed so much.

Hopefully, i can convince my parents to let me buy my current favourite camera

Hope section:
i hope that the landlords of my new found house in Oz with Jasmine is not a scam.
i hope that Kary's life will work out.
i hope that i will study what i did not have time to study for my exam
i hope next year i will not end up like this year where i almost not know everything towards the end of the year
i hope that i can get back my AUD$120 from excess baggage
i hope that i can get my Panasonic Fz50
i hope that my hopes and dreams come true

Monday, November 13, 2006

A Touchy issue

It's approaching th end of my trip to Melbourne this year. And i am flying back on 16th night. Houses are a bitch to find. Really proves that u will have to give some to take some.

Gossips afloat. Clear my name? for what. Maybe i dont have any real friends.

Depression: what you feel when u get hurt by someone you really care about. Affects sleep, appetite, speed of thought, speed and enthusiasm of speech.

Sometimes you think that you have the right to be angry at me for the smallest thing in the world. Probably, because i will accept you for the way you are, probably you think it will teach me a lesson. But it totally hurts, and it totally traumatises me, even though you may actually get fun from it. And i somehow wish this can never happen again, whether to severe the friendship, not speak to you when you are around so that i do not say anything wrong, or to just give up.. Words can sound harsh, but actions shatter hearts.

Why are you doing this to me my dear friend. I am disheartened, does our friendship mean nothing to you more than a game to make me depressed.

Caustic humour: a skewed form of humour that uses people around you as a stepping stone to lift yourself up as a clown. The upside: real quick and effective. Downside: considering that it uses people around you and that you insult them, you start losing them if they cant take a joke.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


For once, i do not have a title. as this post is quite random and has no particular will to inform or to educate.

WEll the paper was over so long ago, jsut got too lazy to write a post. The paper went better than expected as i did not study well. Got lucky as they did not ask stuff i did not study. Except for the histology questions.

Been looking for houses. Should be deciding which one soon. OSCEs on WEd. More practice tomorrow at Josh's house.

I feel real lousy when i get people angry.