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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sway, as in bad luck =(

yesterday went back to the area where i did my model shoot on friday. Was shooting 2 friends when i left my equipment unattended. And i wasnt there for probably 15 mins. i was just about 10-20 metres away but it was a blind corner where i left my lenses.

They were stolen by a guy, without us knowing. And i found out only later when i went back to my camera bag. The damage? 2 lenses, Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 cost about $1000, and a nikon 50mm F/1.8 about $200. =(

what more? My friend accidentally bumped my flash and it landed on the floor and is not working liao =( sending it to repair in <1 hour's time.

hope my life gets as bad as this. and not any worse.

meanwhile. i'm uploading photos to flickr from my model shoot. they are pretty decent. though as my darling says, they lack the x-factor, like thos in magazines. and i think it's the composition and directing of models which i have to brush up on.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

what is it i want to do with my time?

Shot on friday again.

so now have to process photos. and have to STUDY for exams for friday!

so i spend too much time onphotography. it's something i dare not admit. i probablyshould cut down. but i love it!

can almost feelmy knowledge slipping away as i do up the photos. =(

goodluck to studying and exams everyone =)

love u all.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Was sick again.

Had a terrible gastroenteritis. with fever, and was winging in bed, could not get out of bed to do stuff. and i am totally fine now =) Thanks for those who were concerned.

Thanks to my Becky who took great care of me, cooked porridge for me, and checked on me ever so frequently, forced me to drink to rehydrate... =)

got a job as a photographer for a club every friday. If you see that i seem to be attending clubbing events on facebook, it's because i am shooting it. not because i got de-jaded of clubbing. so i got some spare cash to pay for my 70-200mm sigma F/2.8 which is on its way. prob in the air now. again ordered through ebay. man i am excited! the unravelling of another aspect of photography that i have yet to untap.

meanwhile I have a cousin who's getting married this December! she's currently based in Germany. I think it's cool to have another cousin married. I offered my services as a spare photographer. but i wonder if they'll take my offer. they feel bad as i am supposed to be a guest lol.

And exam on 12 and 16 of June. need to hit the books now =) take care readers =)