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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jason Mraz Concert =)

So the couple went to a/the Jason Mraz concert. It was Becky's first so i thought it would be nice for us to be near the stage. And the standing tickets got us to about 3rd row =)

performance by Lisa Mitchell revealed an ataxic attractie girl with voice tics. She sang wierd, couldnt pronounce words well and had terrrible showmanship.

Eric Hutchinson was lovely. he sings well and engages the audience. and well has cute blob of hair lol.

Jason Mraz was great. too bad he performed for only 1.5 hours of the 4.5 hours we were there. Kary and Becky were disappointed as i was at the length. His performance was nice though =) even got Becky moving and dancing on the floor =)

Let some pics do the walk and talking =)taken using Becky's omnia. my dSLR was not allowed inside =(


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrambeled eggs

I chanced upon a video which Gordon Ramsey demonstrates how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, without waking the missus ;p

i tried it without the butter and the cream, with portobello mushrooms and normal big tomatoes sliced half, with bread that's really toasted on the verge of burnt.

and the result was a very happy loving couple having happy breakfast. =)

so go try it this weekend =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So nothing much has been up

Easter break came and went. At least we did something this time. Went to DFO (that's duty free shopping). I got a nice top for $17 from esprit. She got nice boots for $40, some nice tops from Esprit too.

then after we went Mount Dandenong for a nice sunset and also a nice dinner at SkyHigh (the restaurant there)

Been reading Paeds, and well there is atad too much but i will strive on =)

So here's a few shots of my model shoot on friday at theBotanical Gardens. I had the pleasure of getting Diane (It's Deee Ah Nah) (a friend of a photographer) to be the model, didnt get to shoot the professional models that Victor got to come. too bad. But well the pictures are not bad =)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ah finally a post with pictures

I have finally uplaoded my photos from a city shoot. I attended the shoot with the Monash photography club and i had a lot of fun. Especially seeing Victor whom i was introducing photography to about 2 years ago with his point and shoot, now matured to be a photographer probably better equiped than i am. he's got really good shots too, and i am glad we can learn from each other now =)

i am heading of to paediatrics for 5 weeks at Monash Medical Centre and then 4 weeks at Frankston hospital. Looking forward to it, but getting a bit stressed about it. Havent really studied hard for O&G and still trying ot finish up some notes, while also trying to pre read paediatrics.

Meanwhile mum's gone to Europe with my Aunt, haha wish i was there.

okay here are my fav photos from Saturday's shoot: the first shot has all 3 traffic light colours! =)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

oh my i sure am slacking on updating

Apologies for not updating weekly as i used to. life has been quite busy this year.

so we end our first rotation in 4th yr. and it's the end of O&G for me. PAeds is coming fast next, and i am kinda worried, there's so much so much!

went out for a city night shoot with the photography club last night and i'm currently doing up the photos now. so keep your eyes peeled for them.

i realise the true power of waking up early and fast. like if i slept till past 11, and keep sticking to the bed instead of rising in an instant, my whole day will be infected by sleepiness. So i learn that it's not the number of hours that determine the rest of my day but how i wake! Coffee helps as well but well i shouldnt be substance dependant.

and i realise how Surgery is calling for me, but i stilllike cardiology. i like procedural stuff that's only a few specialties: Surgery, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, O&G, interventional radiology.

and well. i think gastro is abit tooo boring for me, and O&G is still on my list of possibilities. we'll see =)

all i need is some research to boost my Curiculum Vitae.