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Monday, February 23, 2009

I think i like O&G

so life is not all about work and studying. sometimes there's play. but when it comes to O&G, it some how seems to be both. i look forward to going to see operations especially.

and i like it that there are more signs that i may actually start to have a direction in my career:

  1. I got to suture just 4 stiches and i was over the moon, couldnt stop smiling.
  2. i was in the change room with the theatre assistants and staff, and they all agreed that i have the personality and feel of a surgeon
  3. i actually like being in theatre and i get a rush of adrenaline
so it seems surgery is getting higher on my list. we'll see about that.

meanwhile, becky and i played baddy with Ezra, Tze En, Melissa. i was so trashed by all of them. their shots struck me with awe. yes awestruck i was. this time, the girlfriend had a bad fall and i have to help her nurse her twisted ankle. think i should buy her a bell soon to call for me. lol

and i am studying much more thanks to the gf pushing me on =) up from my lazy chair to the couch where no computer lies is my fav spot for studying now =) computers are evil.

Good luck to those mugging hard for their final MBBS in singapore. and good luck to those who are overseas for attachments.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back in Melbourne!

Hey sorry it's been so long since i updated. i am back in melb and starting on obstetrics and gynaecology. Saw my first birth on my 2nd day. it's a lovely experience and the motehr didnt want any pain relievers, including gas! how brave was she!

the love between the father and the mother was so beautiful, how he was always by her side, and giving her back rubs when she is in painful contractions. how he was holding her hand when she was pushing. And how a first time father feels at a lost what to do but is guided by his heart and feelings.

it was lovely.

and i realise i got no time to do up my photos. so i guess i got to try catch up with my work first.