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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea
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Yay! Got my first Australian Bubble Tea! Thanx Kar Mun and Rachel(My lovely neighbours!) Supposed to be $3.50 (So Expensive) but the 2 of them got 1 free one after buying 10 and having stamps on a card.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

BBQ at Kathy's

Went for BBQ at my Theme 4 Clinical Skills tutor: Kathy De Garis' house. My whole tute group except Hans and Chris turned up.

Had a great time! Ate so much, love the cats, Pudge is featured in my photos. Now to the books i go, i have procrastinated enough...

Stop Crying Your Heart Out~Oasis
All of the stars have faded away...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Flikr! Minded

Got my Flickr up. Will be using it from now on. Thanks for the inspiration, Xiuwen and Avril.

Sent my mum off. No there was no drama

Played Tennis. Or at least attempted to. Realise that there is another thing that i am not good at. Then someone cheered me up saying i'm good at computers. Probably, after all, i did at one point of my life thought of studying triple E (electrical electronic engineering) And i am bridging the gap slowly for html, haven't started with javascript yet... First day without DOTA. hopefully with more sleep... Man i need to read, and read.

Mum came and is goin going tmr...

So, my beloved mum came. I have not cooked so much since i just left Singapore (it's every single night, even the night before she leaves). She bought just about everything that is needed for cooking, pots: big and small (by big i mean can cook for prob 10 people), dish washing tray, loads of tupperware, backing tray (main function is to be the water bath for my cheesecake: coming not so soon, haven't got my 20cm cake tin yet, almost got a silicone one today didn't know that silicone can stand it till 240Âșc)...

She's staying in Monash hotel-motel, their so called complimentary breakfast is 4 slices of bread on a plate lined with packet jam and butter, and then a box each of cornflake and rice bubbles. (Damn Cheapo... well what do you expect, it's only 58 bucks a night). She ate the bread and then bring the cereals everyday to me tirelesly, without fail. Now i have lots of cereal, no need bread for next week! Cooked so much with guest appearance of people to eat, the first major one with many, then later, John and Jeff for Shepard's pie, then Ling² for lambchops, then after all were too pai seh to come for the free food and i started eating with my mum alone. sob sob... Now i got 2 tupperwares full of Dark sauce pork belly, and another 2 of cabbage soup, today another huge stock of curry chicken. Think my food stash can last me prob the whole week, not counting the meat we bought today. Think with that i can survive till the week after. Oh yar, the pork in John's freezer is about 2 weeks old, better finish it soon.

Went to Dandenong, saw Tim Tams at 3 for $5, so called a few people, and i end up lugging 15 packs of Tim Tams back, with my endlesss supply of chicken and beef. For those in Singapore, i'll try to remember to bring back some Tim Tams =)

Started playing Defence of The Ancients DOTA again. And i still suk at it as i always have. Good! fantastic compelling reason for me to stop playing it. Have been losing sleep over it, and i think it's not really worth it, considering that i dun really get much satisfaction for getting killed and OWNED. sigh... rekindled my inferiority complexx... i guess i was only good at archery. hur hur... And now i'm damn tired, and my mother is quite concerned that i am, well should not let her worry...

Man! i miss using my bow and arrows, and the split arrow that i kept. For those not in archery, it's not that difficult to split an arrow. Most of the time, we split each other's arrows during training, and get a mixed feeling when you see the extended shadow of the arrow on the ground.
Happy that you split another arrow, sad that another $12 just got split... Why Monash doesn't have archery.... i wonder how many of my team of archers get to actually read this post...

Got loads of Mambo Songs today. Yippee!! Thanks Ken for bringing his housemate's portable drive!

Genetics in full speed, hope i can finish reading what i actually need to for EVERYTHING! It'll be my aim, to read till i fall asleep. I need to start reading proper. My books that have arrived are starting to feel neglect and boredom. Time to unwrap them from the inertia of procrastination.

Heard there are 2 bets, 1 arising from the other, and i am starting to suspect it has to do with me. Speculation makes the world a much more interesting place doesn't it? The art of speculation of other's speculation, life is no fun without complication

Interviewed 3 patients at a Hospital, went to the Midwifery and Obstetrics Ward. Too bad didn't get to interview a mother with heart complications, it hurts to hear she may not be allowed to get pregnant again... Another lost one of her twins while she was in her 10th week because she did a lot of goods lifting, she smokes 10 sticks a day too... For those who want to talk about breach of patient confidentiality, i did my best, no names, and even of hospitals. Sigh... it's almost sad how i subconsciously wish that there would be an interesting patient with dramatic or drastic conditions, but to make that wish comes true someone has to suffer or a life is lost...

For that someone out there:
When You Tell Me That You Love Me~Diana Ross

Everytime you touch me, i become a hero. I'll make you safe no matter where you are....
And bring you Everything you ask for, Nothing is above me, I'm shining like a candle in the dark
When you tell me that you love me...

Candlelight~Imogen Heap

Would u take my candle light, away from me.....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fire by the Water

13 came to the city. Hoping to see fire, never did they thought it would actually be such a spectacular spectacle. The streaks of sparks blazing through the smoky air, while they were too busy immersing themself in the brightness of the flames, not noticing the smell of smoke that came...

It was great, the fireworks, sitting by the Yarra river. It woke us up from the boredom of hearing all the names of the Commonwealth Countries . At least i got what i hoped for. We waited long, but it was worth it. And who the hell gave Singapore a Guppy as a national fish. A guppy represented us on the Yarra River. Think it's in one of the pix. The fireworks were absoultely fantabulous. Never did i have such a close look at the fireworks before. We were so close that we could feel some stuff landing on us, dunno whether it was sparks or just star dust. Go look at the pix, there's a movie clip too. For people in Monash, please do not download the video. It's bout 10 MB. Apologies, but i'm still an amateur at night photography. Or my camera is quite limited. IF only i cold afford a digital SLR.

Before the fireworks, we went for dinner. Had KFC, and disappointingly, i thought the chickens here would be bigger than in Singapore, like the Locals are larger than us... but i thought wrong. I could almost swear they looked like spring chicken... no photos for that. But just some pics of Kelvin, John and Jasmine.

After Fireworks, we went for war, with laser guns that is. 13 into 3 teams. 3 Games 20 bucks! Think we all went mad. It was mighty fun, shooting people, getting shot. And knocking into people was not fun... Toes are so precious, especially if they bruise easily... Kelvin picked up a battle scar when he knocked into Jeff. Then it was tok kok session back at Jonathan Goh's huge, nice, nice and very nice apartment. (Pardon my lack of vocabulary, due to lack of sleep) Hope we didn't disturb his sister TOO much. It was 'truth or dare' using the bottle again, and again evolution took place to 'truth or truth', then in its final metamorphosis, the bottle was ommited. Basically we took turns to speak. Then we achieved our aim of having as little sleep as possible. Think i had bout 1-2 hours sleep.

Rushed back to campus, good thing no tutorial at 8 unlike the group B people. After morning tutorial, wanted to catch some sleep in the 3 hour break. And indeed i did, i slept for 3½ hours! So i was 1 hr late for tutorial. When i reached, it was just in time for my group's presentation on disability: lower limbs. Well it didn't go very well. My words stumbled on my taste buds, then on my teeth again... But interestingly, my group's score was in second place out of 4 groups, not that it matters anyway. But i thought the others were much better..

Off to deeper slumber. Mum's coming tmr! My things will arrive at last. Think i actually missed my parents, though i thought i was always accepting the present situation, not being held back by the past. Better think of how to spend time with my mum properly if not she'll get too bored. My room's LAN port not working, think the stupid router must have disabled the port. Hope the red tape's not too long for the activation... If not i have to spend my time in the computer lab, getting stares from people... No one actually brings his/her own laptop to the lab...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Brighton Beach

Today... Brighton beach we went... John and I... walk and walk till we almost died of dehydration. From Brighton Beach Station all the way north, through St Kilda's Beach, to Melbourne City in the roasting sun. Good thing we saw the tram and took it to Melbourne city after we walked bout 1km after St Kilda's if not, we would have been fried lobsters by now. Was so thirsty that i drank till i was overflowing, but still thirsty... The Solo lemonade we bought just b4 we went to the train station was heavenly!

Great fish and chips, basket for 2: 2 Prawns, 4 Calamari Rings(too bad not fried), 2 Potato cakes (almost like deep fired sweet potato... man i miss goreng pisang), 2 Flakes (fish), lotsa lotsa fries. Think i do not need dinner... Go look at the breath-taking pictures make sure someone round u noes CPR b4 it takes away ur breath. And no, i did not scan them from a postcard.

Off to do my research on Alcohol and then Disability. And Happy 20th to Ling², and 23rd(Sorrie, 22nd...) to Jonathan Tan.

Yar and monash peeps, anyone want the Netter's Atlas CD can download from me through DC++.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Let your Tears Flow

Let your tears flow. For they mean that you have sorrow. Whether from love, from disappointment, from what was once happiness. Cherish that you actually loved before, hoped before and that you actually had happiness. Live on. It may get better, after this lapse.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random ramblings from a guy who has too much mental inertia...

Life has never been better, my mind is now less cluttered with emptiness. Like i crave senseless thoughts like candy, ramble awaYyyyy. All because i was asked if i updated this place...

Well it's been a month. A huge milestone, a great time to look back wat i have done. (like i was here for a lifetime like that...) Well made new friends, made BEST friends like Nathaniel. The Aussie ice wall is melting soon. It'll prob shatter if i go to the Nott. But some chill to the bone always remind u to keep the rheumatism away.

Learnt i can cook (without the constant 'instruction and encouragement' from my MUM). And that i actually i can't cook, because this week i actually spent so little on groceries that i have nothing to cook but my 4 for $1 Indomee that is expiring in April but also grossly low in nutrition. Wait a minute(for the noodles to cook), that means it's good for girls out there who are dieting... The 'want' to cook has been

Run Lola Run! Tmr gg running again after the long break (a leg), slow jog i guess. Love the icy air rushing through my hair (soon i can go for shampo commercials...), and the amazing body not cramping and no asthma attack though the temperature sinks in to the skin. Maybe it's just the muscles and lungs got too numb or lazy...

Wah at this point of time a person dragged the 'show desktop' icon out of the toolbar...

Studies... Study people around me is more fun than my books, the way people interact or interact by not interacting is quite fascinating, says the boy who gets fascinated that the fly can fly. Sent a email to my mum to tell her wat i need her to bring over next week. Wah like so fast! next week! better keep the hookers out of my room. So impatiently awaiting the arrival of my Guyton, Talley & O'conner, Netter's and Moores. My best friends, but none as close as Nathaniel. Ah the guy i'll never forget. The object of ultimate detest and the epitome of snob and which stirred the thing in me. i dunno wat thing lah....

Research... Alcohol, immobile people, assignment, group work...
Hypotheticals are fun, get to meet alll the stakeholders. have a debate. exploration of so many issues.. i was like: i noe that there are many roles a doc has to play but not that many! and it's only for 1 Intellectually disabled girl who has over possessive, obsessive, irresponsible parents who want a hysteractomy(the total removal of the uterus). What if it was a patient who has a hypoglycemic father, pschizo bipolar mother who's actually also a male, trisomy 21 Down's syndrome kid, and the patient has myocardial inf#$%^tion. I will have muliple personalities playing the millions of roles as a Doc. Wassup Wabbit...

Let me sing u a song... Man i love Before Sunset....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Time is of the Quintessence

No time for an update. GO look at the fotos.