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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Studying mechanisms

i need to take some time off my busy schedule to think about how i study. it's getting a bit too much for me to take. i am sooo behind and i am not studying efficiently if at all.

lack of concentration, fixing studying around my life rather than my life around studying.
the lack of repetition to fix stuff in my head: therefore leading to my lack of memory power.
it will be a waste of my pattern recognition skills and my comprehension power if i carry on decaying like this. i'll just end up like a piece of carrot, rotting, shrivelling up gradually. till the day i kill too many people and i will get chopped off.

at least now i can study for someone =)

and good luck to dear Poon Shi Hui who is gg to Edinburgh for electives. dun save too many lives there, try to have some fun while u are there.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


just when i thought external keyboards couldnt get any better:

and just when i thought there maybe hope for the increased incidence of obesity and diabetes in the world:

my gawd. wat has the world come to.

and congrats to the girl who has a new car =)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nobel prize

is it too far a goal to get a nobel prize? i think not. we are all smart enough to do something good with our minds, if only we work hard at it, and stay humble, and not get the evilness of the people out there get to you, we should be able to reach there. where ever there maybe.

i have told many people this: when we are young it's easy to know what is the best you can do. to get 100 marks for an exam, to pass an interview, you know what is the highest possible achievement you can have. But when it comes to post graduate, or especially as a doctor in the future. what is the best you can offer in life? to save as many people as you can one at a time? to be a surgeon general? to go to 3rd world countries to help the unfortunate there? or research a new cure or new pathogenesis of a disease? or to earn as much money as you can? or to juggle either of these and have a nice normal family?

the highest mark is blurred, and i wonder what i will do. all i noe is i want a family life at this moment.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My first suturing victim

My first suturing victim
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another to add on to the list of Signs and Symptoms that you are a medical student:

you suture your dinner. lol this is my kitchen counter and my chopping board. 'lacerated' my chicken with my GLOBAL knife lol. poor chick: forgot to put Local anaesthesia before suturing.

i think i should use suturing more usefully: suture a chicken up after i stuff it with stuffings.

had a suturing tutor by a 5th year student who literally has sutured thousands of patients! man i'm jealous.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My world

My world spins around an axis,
and axis called Yew

without Yew, my world stops,
without Yew, my emotions crumble,
without Yew, i cant stand up straight as i used to.

Only Yew can hold my weight, the weight of my contents, my feelings, my thoughts.
With every dawning day, the bond between the axis and the world gets closer.

but when the bond is suddenly lost, the world spins out of control, the world falls;
it falls into a deep endless space.
The world realises he doesnt know which direction to fall to, for the only guidance he had was the axis.
up, down, left, or right?

down he went. and down and down till the feeling was so low. it was terrible.
it was terrible.
the world needs the axis.
My world needs Yew

Sunday, April 06, 2008

i need to work harder

been sleeping a lot lately. like average 9 to 10 hours. so you can think how much studying i have done if my days are usually 8 to 5ish.

got a great boost of momentum thanks to you and am studying real hard at this moment. i realise i have loads of catching up to do when looking at how consistent people are. and neuro got sooooo much to read lol.

and i havent even finish evaluating the Prof's examination dvd. love him to bits, so brilliant that he was barred from being an examiner somewhere as his standard of neurological examination was so high he failed too many ;p

i just went on my first ever Studio shoot organised by the monash photography club. have some pics, have a look. loved it. we shot so much that we blew a light. lol. funny for me but not for the club. there was this hot babe that was in a suggestive post and the floor of like 6-7 photographers cap shooting an triggering the studio flash continuously till it blew. haha. tt's how desperate guys are. or rather how sad ;p

and this is picture is the mouse pad and the easter egg that Ling and Daryl bought for me =) i heart u guys =)