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Sunday, April 30, 2006

It was Jasmine's Bdae...

It was Jasmine's Bdae...
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So here is the story of how the cheesecake came about...

So i wanted to make it on Fri Afternoon which was Jas's bday itself, then realised that we needed a cake for our midnight gig with "A Whole New World" -.-" So i decided to bake it on Wed night, so that i can have 1 day to chill it to perfection.

So along with my trusty sidekick Ming Jian, and my handy dandy mixer that my mum brought over, got it started. Then a strange smell exuded from the 'powerful' mixer, thought it was someone else burning their dinner. Then the 'all powerful' mixer that is older than me died. So Ming Jian and i looked at each other and we kept the stuff for another day... went to mess hall to eat, had no mood to cook dinner.

So Thurs came, skool ended at 5. Walked to Brandon Park, that's bout 30 mins. Looked high and low for a mixer, bought the more expensive one at $30 for fear that i get another 'power mixer', quite impressive: 150 W motor, now that's a mixer. Then ate 2 Big macs (the singapore ones seem bigger) and walked back again (i wonder how i can stand half hour of boredom). The cake preparation went well, this time with Xing Yi, Jonathan and a little of Jeff. But the mix filled the whole tin, and think we beat the mix a little too much.

So after an hour and a half of baking, to my HORROR!! the cake rose so much that the sides were falling off... go look at the photos. Well had to live with it. Then made a mini cheesecake using aluminium foil. Refrigertated both for only an hour then had to bring it for the gig...

Think i won't make another cake any time soon, man it's tiring... too bad it didn't turn up as good as the one i made in sg. Lucky huis got a good chunk of it eh?


All of life is a coming home.
Salesmen, secretaries, coal miners, beekeepers, sword swallowers--
all of us.
All the restless hearts of the world...
all trying to find a way home.
It's hard to describe what I felt like then.
Picture yourself walking for days in a driving snow.
You don't even know you're walking in circles--
the heaviness of your legs in the drifts;
your shouts disappearing into the wind.
How small you can feel.
How far away home can be.
The dictionary defines it as both a place of origin...
and a goal or destination.
And the storm?
The storm was all in my mind.
Or, as the poet Dante put it...
"ln the middle of the journey of my life I found myself in a dark wood...for I had lost the right path."

No... i am not home sick yet. It's just a poem.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Autumn came and soon it's gone

Autumn came and soon it's gone
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Went to Normanby's house just to take pitures of the evidence of Autumn. How fast time has sped past, without us taking a timeout to actually appreciate the relationships we have made, the changes in our lives...

What time is it? Its PFE. Pleasant Friday Evening

So... Mid semester exam's over. The paper was okay (never knew what that meant) and the paper was errornous, the lecturers were trying to be so complicated that they probably confsed themselves. And we went clubbing at 'Seven'. About 2 km south of Melbourne City.

The music was okay, man i miss Mambo Night, the drinks were cheap: $3.50 for a glass of liquor. Cover charge was $3. The people were fun! Go check the photos! Had only 3 drinks then left bout 1, i tink and took nightrider back to our hall. Had to run to go find where the bus stop was to board, did not find it, but instead it stopped at the traffic light...

Today's Anzac day: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANZAC_Day. Holiday! But slept till noon, after a good game of DOTA. Weihong, Lilian, Kangxun and Yong Ji, i'm ready to play against u all... Wa Ha Ha Ha..

Yesterday had a fantastic game of badminton, the racket that i loaned from the sports hall was a limiting factor to my performance. But still we had great fun, it's after all the only racket game i can play properly, though the only other racket game i can think of is tennis...

Had a close call with moving out of halls. We saw this amazing huge house that can accomodate 6 of us. We calculated the money stuff, i went with Jasmine to IKEA to check the furniture prices, and just before we decide to actually tell the agent our decision, i called my parents. Talked to them for 1 hour plus, and they got me to understand why i should not take that house. Well basically it's too big (the maintenance is terrible), too may people (maybe noisy) and we actually lose money because we have to furnish it... Well maybe next time. Sorry to those who really wanted to move out...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Cultural Canival

The Cultural Canival
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As promised, the post on The Cultural Carnival. It was wicked fun! learnt that i can dance with my 3 left feet... that every skit needs fantastic props... and that though i couldn't stand my dance partner due to her incessant attention seeking bouts of comments and actions, we can still dance together wonderfully. And no i still do not like her...

So my Jamaican story was the misadventures of 3 penguins from Philip Island (that's near Melbourne) that go to Jamaica. Basically, for the whole night, the more culturally wrong or insensitive the plays get, the more humor, the more fun.

Sneaked in the Richardson people for them to come watch our Carnival and free desert, because they did not have anything to wear for their Retro Night.

It's now Easter break till next Thurs. Diving into the books, to mug for my mid sem exam next Fri that only accounts for 5% of the whole year... The Char siew was good, the braised prok lacked a lil more black sauce. No pics for those... It'll be Curry Chicken next week. So sad, the mess hall not open, so got to cook everyday =(.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter's Coming

It's been fast, half a semester has flown past. We'l be having an easter break from 12 to 19th April. Thenit will be our mid Semester Exam on 21st! Gasp! Though it's only 5% of the whole year's assesment. Got lots to catch up, have been playing too much Need for Speed: Most Wanted...

Have been cooking this whole week. It ain't too bad, but gotta cut down on the time taken to cook; If we cook together it's bout an average of 1½ hours. Next week's menu include attempt to make Char Siew and Braised Pork. Shepard's pie this week was good, sorry no pic for that.

Cultural Carvival's next week, apparently i'm acting as a penguin visiting Jamaica...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Double coat Tim Tams

Double coat Tim Tams
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This post is just for those who do not believe that there are such things as double coat tim tams.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Daylight Savings Over!

Daylight Savings Over!
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Yay, had 1 extra hour to sleep. Now the time difference with Singapore is only 2 hrs. This pic is the view outside my window at 7 a.m.

Monash Peeps: hope no one forgets to turn back time by 1 hr like Jeff who came at 0717 thinking we were late for pancakes...

If i could turn... turn back the hands of time...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April fools!

April fools!
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For April fools, we cooked Bak Kut Teh! Go chack out the Flikr photos. Gave the girls flowers (Bigleaf Hydrangeas; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrangea) Making them wonder if there were any tricks in the flowers when there wasn't!

Yesterday, we went to Melbourne city, Melbourne University to attend a briefing by Singhealth. Basically, most of them there are final yr students of U Melb, so we felt a bit extra... but at least we're now more educated that they pay you an extra $1000/mth if you specialise in something not popular, and you have to pay them $1000/mth to specialise in something popular. And that there are probably about only 20 houseman places per year for overseas med grads. 50% of which are usually Australians. That makes me wonder why they even bother to travel 4000 miles to come get only 10 people in...

Had a sumptuous dinner at an Italian restaurant, $22 bucks! Gasp! But it was worth it, the Flounder fish and the seafood spaghetti was AMAZING! Had a pinch from the Tiranisu, melts in your mouth...

Officially, i became a wikipedian with the writing of my first few articles. Go check it out if you are REALLY REALLY bored: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Kerfern

Better go make my notes, studying suks when you dunno wat to study for.

Printing of lecture notes!

This is to all monash Peeps! I have found a program (fineprint) that can print the sickeningly colourful pdf files to just black and white. AND the background is white.

For Hall peeps, please request from me through DC++

For other peeps, yes that includes u Sngaporeans who want this nifty lil program go to this link: http://dl.filekicker.com/send/dir/143860-2RB1/fp551.exe

Say bye bye to all those colourful pdf lecture notes ;p