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Sunday, November 23, 2008

talk about procrastination. exams tmr. and well time passes by through nonsensical browsing


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Sunday, November 09, 2008

the end is near

so 3rd yr med is ending soon. 1 more week of visiting patients. and OSCEs is on 21st, the written paper on the 24th.

so we reflect the year, in our log book. seeing how much or little we have done. and how people are scrambling about to get their log books signed off by the indispensable 5th yr.

studying has not been half as well as i hoped. and i am real scared now. thank god i got good practice along the year and a good gf who teaches me so much, that i think i will survive.

Dad just sent me many strings of chinese well wishes in rows of 4s again =) parents are at Cameron highlands! and i have never been before! lol

i havent really lived up to my own expectations, but i will work hard from now. i hope i keep this promise =)

Currently i got a few frustrations:

  1. i am not studying well
  2. housing for next year is complicated
  3. i am not gg to get to see many beloved friends next year

btw, WEP and WPA securities for wifi are now crackable boo. the race between black and white never ends does it.