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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taiwan is awaiting

Tmr i leave singapore on a 0830 flight to Taiwan!

havent been to Taiwan since the army daze. and looking forward to the cooler weather. but the crowd i am with is mum and her friends. so i suppose i am more restricted to do what they prefer rather than roam about with young fun stuff. Mm well older stuff can be fun too i suppose. and i got my other girlfriend to take care of my boredom (it's my camera lol)

Hoping that i will be able to have some fun on the trip and go around with a friend rather than me covering my ears trying to not hear the neighbouring rooms of people mm paying for service.

i wonder how much memory cards i need. mm need to get some ebooks in my PDA just in case.

i have uploaded some photos. mm tt sums up what i have been up to. =)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

And so i end up working again. and not in a hospital sigh.

wanted to slack this hols but ended up getting stuck with work again.

and its RETAIL again.

so i am apparently selling scooters in front of Shaw house. Well at least it's a cool electric scooter, not some lame stuff, And the pay is wayyy more than usual. So what a way to kill 10 days.

meanwhile the gf just went HK. and i am gg Taiwan!!! i gg Taiwan 31 Jan i think.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in Singapore

got to drive the first day i came back. but dad's car is really old and i wasnt used to it at all. gve my parents a few shocks here and there. but well it was not bad. clutching was good. just tt my turns were a bit too fast.

fell sick with allergic rhinitis, loads of runnings in the nose, starting to have a bit of a cough. boo

and i got a relative with a brain tumour, gg to see her tmr. hope she gets well soon.

hope this will be a good holiday. maybe gg to taiwan in the christmas period =)

Monday, December 08, 2008


havent posted for a long time due to exams and post exam packing and moving. i am just about settled. and i am glad i have a car now !!!! =)

so finally moving in to the girlfriend's and we are trying to find a housemate for next year. realise the rooms are a little small and the storage space is little. but well it's all worth it. going to miss my old place at St kilda Road. nice apartment albeit pricey one. and my hosuemates there. a bond that i have created.

and so i got a car! it's a second hand Hyundai Getz. 4 year old but 33, 000 kms tt's really low. and well got it for 10K. not the best of deals but well not too bad. and wat's important is that i am happy when i am driving it. yay! and i travelled 100km since Saturday. going all over to polish up my rusty manual driving skills. Stalled a few times in the past few days. But it's getting better.

Trying to go home on coming friday. my ticket is on23rd Dec but i'll try to wait at the airport and see whether i can get on any flights.

At last back to Singapore soon.

And photos are being processed. coming up soon