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Thursday, September 27, 2007

i got a theory

okay this is the second night i am having trouble sleeping because of discomfort or tingling in the arm.

Theory: Sg/Sx consistent with Restless Leg Syndrome, except mine is in the hands.
it is known that a possible cause is abnormal spinothalamic stimulation.
so i think it may be caused by the pain from my badly grazed right forearm from cycling that is excessively stimulating the spinothalamic tract. Causing this to happen to me.

I hope i can get to sleep soon. If it persists, i think i have to go see the doctor, if not i wont be able to sleep every night.

what better way to know a disease than to have it yourself. I always wondered how it felt to ave tingling sensations in restless leg syndrome. Maybe i shouldnt have wanted to know too much.

Go read if you want:

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy birthday indeed =) Thanks

Friday night: It was meant but well i guessed it ;p Thanks to those who organised the dinner =) It was a fantabulously awesome night. i still not sure who are the masterminds but i am thinking, Xin Yi, Jasmine, Becky and Kel.

Thanks to those who came for dinner: Tat Woon, Becky, Jas, Victor, Jonathan Tan, Chuan Tai, Kelvin, Xin Yi, Melissa, and Kary.

Thanks to those who came for the after med ball chill out at La La Land: Ling, Melanie, Daryl, Sam Bo, Yeo, Baey, Ju Ho. Cool and lovely place. Think it is my fav chill out place now. And special thanks to Daryl who treated the guys to a Cowboy each.

Then Sunday night: Spend half a day finding out how to get chkdsk to start at boot when it doesnt want to no matter how hard u try. Yup i was fixing Amy's laptop. She commented it was a half yearly maintenance schedule lol. Then later head off to watch HAIRSPRAY. i love it =) soo funny and Amanda Bynes is soooo hawt, especially in the tight tight dress in the end, and Melanie thought so too. Who went: Melanie, Lester, Kel, Becky, Wan Jie, Dan. Didnt take photos though, was a bit tired for the day. Then went Spicy Fish for dinner. If they opened that restaurant in Singapore, think they will strike rich, all the spicy stuff! soooo shiok ah. Andgood thing Becky had some non-spicy food to eat =)

Monday morning till early afternooon: Went to cycle with Kary to the City. I made a map for cycling routes to get from my place to Kary's and because i had to look at the map so frequently, i ended up spending 1 hour 15 mins to get to her place. But it was far. Then we went to the city took only 45 mins or so lol. The view along the way was soooo beautiful, wish to do this again. Had lunch at Port Melbourne and when on the way back, to the city itself, tried to make the bike jump (amateurly) and ended up grazing my right forearm badly. Really badly. haha silly me.

So good thing Crown casino was near by, washed it thoroughly in the toilet then got the security to help me get someone to bandage it up. They were really nice people =). Not really good at first aid, but nice and helpful =) so then Kary cycled back and i took the train back as i wasnt really fit for long cycling after grazing my right forearm and left palm. Well i guess i should be gglad my camera and the bike was alright. but my cargo berms were torn, my spectacles which were in my berms pocket had the nose support broken off and tt is about it.

Currently i am waiting to return Elliot for his bike. If not for him, i would not have been able to have such a wonderful day. Thanks =) And about gifts, i thank those who contributed to my Global Chef's Knife, I know it is a whole string of people, i cant remember all of you, but i want to thank all of you personally =) And jasmine for buying the knife.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hurrah! i have a new lens cap and i have discovered Noiseware!

Lens cap i bought from ebay has arrived at last.
Discovered a photoshop plugin called Noiseware that can remove noise from my noisy ISO 400 and above. SO now i can shoot more pictures at higher ISO. And the noise removal is impressive, even surpasses the Silkypix program that processes the RAW files.

Lurve my camera.

Meanwhile. i learnt from Ezra that you can use film SLR camera lenses on dSLR, so actually i can get a D40x body and use my mum's flim SLR lenses... wahaha
but that is if i want to get it ;p costly costly, i'll pay through thte nose dearly. have a Look at the specs of D40x.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Confused Euphoria Flattered

So i lost my wallet yesterday, ran to Becky's house because we were late. dropped it once, and picked it up, but apparently i didnt knowi dropped it again. Hope that whoever picked it up will return to me through the mail box. Debit card was expired, need to get another ATM card, Driving license, Student ID, Working with children card? Should be making a police report tmr. but i dunno if they entertain, dropped wallets. and i wonder if i can get a police report and get my student ID free. Jas says it is $70 to replace. Sigh. And the worst of all, the thing that cannot be replaced is that Karin my dear cousin bought it for me, so i lost a gift.

This weekend has been terrible. got really distracted. not by the usual stuff. But interesting stuff i thought i would never see, at least for now. And well i slept too much. like woke at 1700 today. my goodness. And i have a theory that i may be having depression, like excess sleeping, lack of pleasure from usually pleasurable activities like cooking and eating. Dinner tonight was good according to Jasmine, but i thought i didnt really like it. So i guess i have to wait and see if i fulfil the DSM IV criteria for clinical depression, guess it has to last 2 weeks before i am officially mental. haha.

Exam results are out. but seems like everyone did better than last time. including me. though there were huge improvements in numerous people. i only managed to improve a teeny bit. Time to Bark up and slap myself. As for the distractions. I am in a dilemma to call them off, how do u call off something that brings so much variety and fun and pleasure in your life. Beats me. But i got a bus to catch. The bus to get a HD. haha

And was the photographer for Mid Autumn Festival. Should be sending out photos to people i promised. i just havent been on the right track of mind recently. And uploaded photos of wat i did at CPP. photos for MAF should be up soon, when i get some bandwidth to steal somewhere.

REalise that i still dunno how to flsh properly with my slave flash, good at taking portraits, but not the big picture. Ezarrah a 1st year med student, who's into badminton and also photography taught me that i should make use of my image stabalisation more and not get too concerned about the high grain at higher ISOs, because i can shoot at lower shutter speeds with less shake.
and i realise i lost his blog address together with my wallet. shucks. If you are reading this Ezarrah, leave me a tag on my blog!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The love of life

Had a great Friday night at the play: I Hope You Dance. And i agree i was glad i went, excellent music esp from Ethan, Script from Xin yi, and dancers. Shot a few photos. a few meaning 444 photos which have been eliminated to a choice 200+ lol. Food was surprisingly good. Even educated Vivek that 茶叶蛋 is made using tea leaves, think he still dared not eat it after ;p

mm found interesting breakthroughs:
how to detect cancer without drawing blood, and resolution is better than MRI. using immunofuorescence and a laser on surface veins to detect marked cells.
nanoparticle invented to detect peroxide through immunofuorescence again. which is produced in cancer and Alzheimer’s to heart disease and arthritis and many other diseases.

then i came up with an interesting idea well maybe you can actually use the nanoparticle as a marker for peroxide but maybe tweaking the laser to detect the fluorescence. But well maybe that will happen next time. Maybe i'll try linking up the 2 parties together and see how it goes =)

also, Jas an I saw an interesting episode of 60 mins tonight, where there is the use of electrodes to detect nerve impulses at amputation sites for prosthetic arms and legs to move. even to the extent of fine controlling of power of the arm.

and i also read there is a system of controlling wheelchairs by thought too. through detection of impulses to the larynx, so u think of a word and it will move the wheel chair.

SO now is the time i have started to get motivated, and am working hard, or well at least i am starting =)

Why do stars fall down from the sky everytime you walk by

So a surprise failed, but well at least it sorta made me laugh after haha. There is no cloud in your sky.

many have asked me about my msn nick, why "unconditional love"? some thought i had love in my life. =) well i wished it were so, but it is actually after the play tha Xin Yi directed: I Hope You Dance, at OCF overseas christian fellowship, Pastor Steven mentioned about the unconditional love God has for us. No i am not christian yet lol. Xinyi ivited many of us to go lah. But the unconditional love hit me, again. I forgot when i first understood what unconditional love was. As he said, a love that you cannot earn and cannot take away, as it is unconditional.

Many feel that this love is never seen for we humans have such strong ego and selfishness. But the epitome of examples of unconditional love in our daily lives is Motherly Love. It is the love that is unconditional. Although the mother barely knows the child that was just born, she gives her whole heart to it, willing to give her life for the child, willing to give it anything, and most importantly not asking for anything in return.

The Love that we see frequently is the conditional one, where you love your bf, gf hoping for something in return, a hug, a gift, sex, whatever. But of course there are times that there are doses of self sacrificing love where u are willing to give your all to him or her, just to make her happy.

Unconditional love is indeed beautiful. And it is a strong motivator for me as i forget how much love there is in the world, and how much that there is still lacking. Love is always present but never enough. For the ugly world devours every bit of love there is. So i am inspired to give the world more love, more life, more happiness. For we are all here for a reason.

Forget My Heart for Yours is still bleeding, more than mine and i am here to make it whole again.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

tech update

for those that are still clueless gPhone is going to be relased to the world in about 2 weeks time, cant wait they say it is aimed at basic users as opposed to iPhone which aims at high end users. and will cost only USD$100. with gmail access, google maps integrated with in built GPS, sounds good enough for me. has its own operating system, hope they incorporate 3rd party soft ware like isilo and acrobat reader. then i can use it as my PDA liao. And well there is the announcement tha Nokia will release a competitor to iPhone, interesting, this 'arms race' has but just begun.

when i have time, which is probably never, i would love to build a supercomputer which has a performance of 26.25 gigaflops which is 2.2 x more powerful than a Centrino core 2 duo. and it costs only USD$2500. haha. how cheap for a super computer.

There has been an implementation of the Berlin heart, also see here used to buy time for children heart donors which recently has been shown to improve heart regeneration during usage.

My life? well it has been stagnant at being boringly not studying. rested for 6 and a half days this week. haha. time for me to start. stressed? definitely. at last there is enoguh stress to get me started.

Happy 22nd Birthday to Kelvin Chng. Photos will be up soon.
Good luck to Terese in Todai, University of Tokyo. Get a zoom lens soon babe.
Hugs to people who need it. like Mel Chang. You will be better soon =). i dun even noe if u will read this.
And to the housemate. you were always in control, but time is slipping past your hands as i personally would KO if i were in ur situation. tsk tsk why some people can multitask so much better.