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Monday, October 27, 2008

An Excel music video

now this is cool stuff. creating a music video from using an excel spread sheet. =)

download it here

i read it from here

k back to studying.

Monday, October 20, 2008


i joined a gym membership today! it's $1 for 30 days it's Genesis Fitness club, just like 5 to 10 min walk from my place. cool lah =) no swimming pool though.

and tmr i am gg to see a trainer to assess my fitness level. hope i didnt run myself down too much today.

tired. but need to study

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A loooong but good day

today woke at 0645hrs, to go to Sandringham hospital for General Surgery. Went there with Yeo early to do injections, got to each do 1 =). And the surgery list seemed less packed today, and Yeo and i decided to go see surgeries.

In between we had Radiology tute by the private contracted radiologist. IT was great. he basicallly taught us all the Radiology that was happening as he works. so he dictates and then teaches us at the same time. got to see an U/S guided cyst aspiration of a thyroid.

so here are all the 6 surgeries i watched today.

  1. hemithyroidectomy: removing 1 side of the 2 sides of a thyroid
  2. direct inguinal hernia repair: scrubed in for this one
  3. Lap Choly: laproscopic cholecystectomy: key hole surgery removal of the gall bladder
  4. pilonidal sinus removal: Yeo scrubbed in for this
  5. Haemorroidectomy: removal of a haemorrhoid: I scrubbed in for this
  6. Lap appendicectomy: laproscopic removal of a inflammed appendix
so i think i pretty much seen almost most surgeries that occur in a general surgeon's life. And i actually think it's interesting. especially the laproscopic ones. the scars are like almost not seen lah.

time to study. i am getting a bit freaked out that exams are close by =) about time i freaked out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who affects your life, who you live for, and who you have beside you

A consultant mentor of mine mentioned an interesting statement: "In life there are 3 things/people which/whom are most important

  1. God
  2. Your life partner
  3. Your Job
They determine what your life is or will be. And he added on that it is important to select the right partner for it will make or break you." (this are probably not his exact words). As we all know, many say behind a successful man is a woman. And i do agree this to a great extent, other than the tinge of sexism in the statement, well behind a successful woman can also be a man.

I believe that you need a supportive partner to succeed in work, for we only have to hands and 24 hours. The time and place we need our hands are more than 24 hours and more than 2 places at once. And another pair of hands help to save the day. Another pair of hands shares the load, another pair of hands can give u a hug. But well if you choose a wrong partner (was lazy to think of a more politically correct term), you end up ruining each other's life. Life gets miserable as you require more time and effort to appease the other half, to live with your other half and just to live life. It gets tough, and you end up not being able to channel the energy needed to succeed in life.

Success in life has many measures, but well happiness is a good measure. And it's contentment at arriving at your goal (that is set realistically) that brings themost happiness. Another mentor said that a lot of guys in our society have depression because they work for $ and it is never enough.

back to the main point. So i believe we must trust and believe and select carefully to succeed.
and my view point of the 3 points is that Family is the aspect that should replace your life partner. At the end of the day, Mum and Dad are the only pair in the world. you can choose anyother wife, but well family is family. And then comes the family u create with your other half. They are hopefully your support, your cheerleading squad, and the reason you live and work for.

i sure hope we all succeed in life.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happening LAH

just had a happening weekend, i.e. lots of activity and no studying. Actualy it was jsut a happening Saturday. LET the peektures do the talking =)

Spent the whole morning finding a nice watch for Kary for her birthday. it was the earliest i have ever been to Chadstone shopping centre
then went to Singapore day. Many people, many types of food, from Nasi lemak to chili crab, hokkien mee, char kway teow, chendol, bah chor mee, kaya toast and the list goes on. and best of a it was free!
we had to queue though. sure does remind me of singapore, the queuing i mean lol.

The girlfriend and I tried the char kway teow and the hokkien mee, not bad. and the prawns are HUGE. didnt get a picture though.

left early because we thought it was getting boring. it wasnt boring when phua chu kang was on stage. yes: gurmit, Tank Keng Hwa and the rest of the cast were here. cool =)

then night came: Becky and i went to Kary's 21st party at a restaurant @ Hardware Lane. great stuff i tell u.
then we were supposed to go for Xinyi's 22 bdae party, but we were too late =(((( very sad that we couldnt make it. and we all ended up adjourning to Jas's place where i get reminded i am still terrible at Guitar heroes lol. Mm and the gf and i were tired so we went back early to sleep.

HAd a bit of fever last night. and i hope tonight will be better =)

And today, there's news that Ministry of Sound close liao, and i havent even stepped in before lol.