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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And so it is...

So it was depressing for a while, at least i am now uplifted with the answer. Thanx to u :) i noe wat to do now. 2 in a week, if i were u i tink i would have been suicidal.

Multiple injuries from badminton, but they are all healed by now. Melissa says "Becky laugh at ur badminton skills? later i train u, u trash her" haha see if she actually bothers to train me.

Missed netball due to the twisted ankle from badminton, really wanted to go, but yar i was injured.

Have not read anatomy at all... so i am clueless at Anat tutes, well i realise i learn sooo much in tute as opposed to when i read up, i feel like tutes are a waste of time ;p

Spent the weekend fiddling with photoshop, just to make posters, A3 size 200gsm glossy relatively cheap at Officeworks, about $4 or 5 and service charge about $4 i tink, but i printed 2 posters, total to $13.50 cant be bothered to count the service charge.

baked a cheesecake again tonight with Lesley and Melanie, THE housemate cooked dinner, i am one appreciative boy tonight. Cake got over fluffed up and cracked again :( sad, some more it's for someone's bdae. i felt so bad, forgot to use bainmarie, so the side of the cake got browned badly. Sigh. well i guess there will be another better time.

Got to be the official photographer of Multi Cultural Festival organised by Monash Uni International Students Services MUISS. Thanks to Christie!!!!! i luv u for giving me the chance to be. lol. erm lurve u in a friendly way hor.

Photos will be up soon. after the event ends this thurs.

need to iron shirt for CPP later in the day. ta ta. and u people who read. post some comments or tag lei. i am so bored.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


so i tried a MMORPG massively multiplayer online role playing game, and well erm let's just say it is good enough to get me a teeny weeny bit addicted to it. it's 9dragons. chinese kung fu based theme. i am a shaolin monk apparently.

Apparently someone sold the WOW character for USD$1280. lol see it

and in the news too: ONE in five girls is starving herself or vomiting to control her weight in a horrifying side-effect of Australia's obesity epidemic.

i am trying on a theory that if i have massive distraction, i feel that i dun need constant small distractions so i can have dedicated distraction time and dedicated studying time. if i get work done before i sleep means that it works. well i need to curb distractions. tsk tsk. if not how am i gg to be what i want to be? a good doc that can at least impress not patients but other doctors, i dun want to end up killing patients.

and also this is to prep with a potential more distracting distraction in future. my good friend and sister Becky should have some idea about what i am thinking ;p

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And it is over. For now.

Exam today was bad. but not as bad as i imagined it to be. So many questions especially anatomy that i know i should know but i didnt. Sigh...

And well for those who did the exam. the first 2 SAQ, haha i tink both worth 10 marks in total all gave back to the examiners liao.

So i promised some people i would try to get 80. well i suppose i didnt try hard at all. i should get murdered for this. i feel so guilty squandering my time away. not studying. i am going to. from today. i will start tonight. i hope. i am hungry ;p

Saturday, July 14, 2007

How things affect us from the past

Today i had a driving lesson, my instructor said i was more aggressive today, and accounts it to my exam stress for the paper next Wed. lol made only 1 fumble today. still having a pretty girl see me drive haha.

He got Amy, this year 12 ABC to have her lesson after mine. As a surprise for me last week lol. And yes my, she is pretty, pretty fit too, does competitive long distance. Well last week she drove me home, this week, we stopped by her house early to pick her up and then i drove myself home while she sees how i drive. think she is into her 10th lesson or so. too bad Ming Jian missed out on this ;p

Then when i was about to bid farewell. I noticed my instructor's watch was upside down. and i asked why. He said he has been wearing watches upside down for 40 years. When he was year 6 or so (our primary 1), there was this girl who sat on his left for 2 years and kept asking him wat time it was every 5 mins or so. So he decided to wear his watch upside down on his left wrist so she could see the time, and she stopped asking. And he continued to wear the watch upside down since then. lol how sweet is that ;p

I hope i finish wat i set out to read today. And thanx for Becky instilling fear in me with random calls about random renal physio to make me panic more to study ;p

On a side note. think a URTI is coming up. i feel phlegmatic, and my minds a bit cloudy lately. Cough cough cough. think my immune system is going soft

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Becky’s 19th Birthday!

It was an eventful day, Sang a song to her with Xin Yi at the piano. Went Dragon Boat for timsum with her, nice of Ling (who literally just touched down about 3hrs before) and Jon Tan and Jasmine (his GF) to come.

Special thanx for Jasmine (the housemate). She helped made the TIRAMISU (XY helped too), also helped keep the cake refrigerated overnight, transported it to the restaurant, and got it setup. Really appreciate her ;p

Kary: thanx for the candles and being late for work to spend time with us again ;p

Then watched the latest Harry potter movie which released today in Australia. Then spent the night playing Wii at Terrences place with Becky and XY and Jas.

Lovely day indeed.

Karin the cousin's here too! Can't wait to go find her and have a meal. Hope I study hard later today, after I recuperate, think I falling sick. Time to take more Vitamin C.

interesting news: Betel nut is cancer causing, antibodies for SARS found

For those who do not know, research has shown that betel nut the ones that are chewed so frequently in Taiwan and India, is actually cancer causing. I for one heard of it before but never knew it to be true.

Have a look: http://www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSTP29310120070711?feedType=RSS&pageNumber=3&sp=true

Also antibodies for SARS have been found! have a look: http://www.nih.gov/news/pr/jul2007/nci-02.htm

Monday, July 09, 2007


Will reminiscing count if it was for the past day ;p or the past few days in which has passed?

well i was looking back the past few days. eventful and pleasing. Though at times mum and i did not agree, we still resolved it. shouldnt all arguments and disputes be resolved like tt. IT seems like she suddenly realisd i grew up and that she respects my decisions and views, no longer forcing her thoughts on me. a barricade lifted.

nights are nice when they are not alone, when there is music: vocals and splendid music. I'll still be here in the morning.

Went to great ocean road with mum. guess that was the highlight of her week here. other than the washing machine outlet overflow( had to dry and mor the whole floor), terrence so nice to cook for my mum, jas, XY and i for dinner, the first night XY was here where we all had dinner cooked by my mum, me realising that my mum has much more dexterous hands and may have been a better surgeon ;p hahahah. Photos for GOR are being uploaded as we speak.

It was many firsts for me. first time i (and my mum) was on a tour in Melb, first time i had so much chinese spoken to me in one day in chinese (by the tour guide), first time i was at GOR, first time i was on a helicopter (at the 12 apostles, 十二门徒, great photos from that $60 ride it was good.), first time i brought mum to chomp chomp for dinner.

i got my new external flash on Friday, been having fun with it. takes a lot of work to get it right. i need more experience. for techies or photog enthusiasts: it's not a TTL flash, it can swivel sideways and upways (so i can bounce flash), it is a slave flash so that i can synchronise it with my main camera's flash which serves as a fill flash now.

the pictures that i took this round: many many more HDRs (think there were 20+) and 3 panoramas that were not that spectacular. have a look. for those who dunno what HDR is, erm go look here.

And spoken so much on not studying as u can see. so i hope the next few days will be fruitful.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

updated my links section

new links inside.
acronym searcher. the best i have seen
medical dictionary i use.
and metlinkmelbourne. for people who want to noe how to navigate around melbourne.

at the library now, studying with Yeo. mum's at chaddy i tink.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mum’s Here!

Yays. She is here. I dun exactly miss my family or friends much last year somehow, call me heartless if u want. But this year, it seems more unbearable than usual. Maybe, I miss them after erm 2 years of on off contact. It's almost depressing.

I definitely miss my friends more, maybe it's because some good friends I made here also went back. U guys noe who u are. And there is Johnny boy who is away from Australia for a loooong time.

Mum and I erm went around shopping, eating, cooking. Going to Great Ocean Road at last, On Coming Friday. Haha my first Chinese tour, apparently my mum was reading my landlord's Chinese newspaper and saw the Great Ocean Road tour promo price of $39 per person, but end up over liao. Still not bad got a $69 per person deal. Hope I get a chio Chinese tour guide though. Haha. At least the one who sold us the tickets, the manager, so HAWT, and so capable lol. Drools..

Study is somewhat on track, as I catered a bit of time to relax. Time is always in front though ( I am behind time). Hope u guys who already finish exam are having a great time enjoying, and those mugging like me: erm have a good time mugging to, at least try to enjoy it lah ah, makes it easier.