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Sunday, September 28, 2008

a great week

so this week went by great =)

scored well on my assignment and did well for my MCR =) at last studying hard pays off, credits go to Becky who helped me so much with my Renal history revision. THANK YOU BECKY =)

and also she planned my birthday which was a blast. the happiest birthday i had i a long time =) went to Kobe Jones, posh restaurant with fusion japanese food. photos are yet to be processed. they were taken by Yeo. THANKS TO THOSE WHO CAME =)

mm then went to the OCF play Hell's Kitchen where Xin Yi was the Sound 'Guy' with another guy. preferred last year's play though, which was directed and written by Xin Yi.

and lastly i finally found the virus which i got from Amy and passed to Yeo and Becky. Smart virus writer that hid command to startup the virus every time we startup windows in an obscure part of the registry. It then downloads other viruses from the internet and it hides in the recycle bin. My antivirus couldnt detect it, but thank goodness detects the viruses it downloads =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

interestingbut may be slightly disgusting to some: HIV talk

not many people are aware of how the risk compares with different styles of intercourse so here goes (for my fellow colleagues):

The relative risk for HIV transmission varies from 100 for receptive anal sex, 20 for receptive vaginal sex, 13 for insertive anal sex, 10 for insertive vaginal sex, to 2 for receptive fellatio vs 1 for insertive fellatio.

HIV transmission by oral sex between men has been reported.
HIV transmission is reduced by approximately 80% with condom use.

the point about transmission by oral sex has been underestimated by many. Especially many teens in the US think that oral sex is safe, but actually still carries a risk. A colleague of mine got to interview a patient with HIV who was male. He had oral sex with his parter and got HIV from his partner because he had dental work done and had a cut in his mouth.

interesting disease this is, and the therapy takes a long time for me to understand and remember.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Wah i have spent >10 hours on Amy Khoo's laptop already and i am still pek chek (irritated). I cannot fully remove this clever and powerful virus that is really irritating.

it infects exe files, and infects every program you open. then it inactivates the background protection by the antivirus. And it attacks a crucial file in windows: rundll32.exe. so i try to remove the virus from this file and the computer shutsdown. so basically i cant remove the virus totally as it always shuts down. and when it boots up, all the files are re-infected again. lol

here are some medical analogies for computer viruses.
Amy's lappy was immunocompromised (she did not have an antivirus) and there was huge propagation before she noticed it (multiple exe files corrupted). The virus was also a immunosuppressant like HIV (it disabled the antivirus i installed), and vaccination proves a challenge (the antivirus is not working as well as it should).

and well i havent got any studying done today thanx to this virus.

Macs have viruses, but well the probability of getting one is soooo small. maybe i will get a mac. Nah just kidding.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i should try this some day. (probabably when i have my own little kid) ;p

A video by a photographer i admire a lot: Phitar. amazing flickr pool of pictures. And always lovely travel photos.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Lalalalaser weapons!

Laser: light amplified by stimulate emission of radiation

Boeing has been testing some hardcore nasty ass Laser weapons. capable of shooting down missiles in the air and even offensive onto the ground.

i read before too there is a ground mounted one that can destroy multiple incoming missiles. there was a hot video which i cant find now.

well the era of laser weapons is entering. cool =)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cool video about shooting sports =)

video credits to Vincent Laforet

the many many many cameras and $$$$ of equipment!!!
meanwhile, photos are up =) go look. had a great week with Kel's and Andrew's birthday party

had a fantabulous self declared holiday with the darling. check out the few photos =)
we played CS. yes yes counterstrike lol. we miss it ;p