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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the best and worst weekend in a long time

we sometimes forget weekends are 2 days. and where there is life there is balance, and therefore both good and bad. though u can argue that bad and good are subjective and the nature of the events or objects themselves are neither good or bad.

so here is my subjective view of my weekend lol.

havent posted on sunday as i have been disabled. physically and technologically. have been down with a cold, and becky thinks its the flu. since Saturday night. and had fever and chills Monday night. felling better now though i still sound terribly nasal and i wonder if i can make it for MCR on thurs. should be fine =) slept a total of 16 hours since last night. no wonder i feel good.

my laptop's hard disk died on sunday. i backed up most of my stuff dun worry. but i had to finish my assignment by monday so i had to borrow's Andrew's desktop to do it =) THANK ANDREW! and so monday went to Becky's and got to MSY to get cheap hdd and ram. was about $90 for a 250 GB hdd and $52 for a 2GB RAM. now i feel so powerful lol. and because of my disablements, i havent been up to scratch in terms of work and have been doing my tutorial tasks last minute, feeling bad about that.

and the good part: had lunch at the point with Becky, food was awesome in terms of entre and deserts. if u want details go see Becky's blog. then spent the rest of the day together =)

MCR's on thurs! so i better brush up my skills before then.

Monday, May 19, 2008


i need to gym more. gymed today. and think i pushed myself a bit hard. felt a bit fatigued and nauseous. man i am glad i didnt go for the 8 km run. maybe i just havent been running enough. and i neeed that echo for my heart. before i am willing to run more.

i neeeeeed to study!!!! i will study =) thanks to someone

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Finally the wait is over.
tired that's what i am from being happy =)

Monday, May 05, 2008


so now i'm in musculoskeletal rotation. much more slack than the head and neck rotation. but i am down with a bad sore throat, the Strep throat again. if not i prob would still be in the wards interviewing patients now.

on plastics at the moment. should be fun when i get into theatre. then there will be trauma, haha yummy ;p

well i sorta figured what i have to do to study. repetition. and prob give up working in the holidays to catch up. i'll see how it goes.

Glad there is someone out there pushing me hard to study =) and i almost forget the people i owe to where i am. my patients are awaiting for me to study lol.