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Sunday, August 08, 2010

haven't updated in 4 months!

Lots of thing have happened in the past 4 months.

I am still in love with my gf of more than 2 years, I got a job next year as a doctor in melbourne, I got a bit sick of shooting pics and had a nice hiatus. I have gotten more messy in terms of house hold chores, I am still proud of using my 5 year old laptop and not giving in to temptation to buy a new one. I watched sound of music, My fair lady for the first time.

My career path has changed or gotten a bit more hazy. Cardiothoracic surgery has fallen out of my list. And Radiology has gone into the list. And i still love radiology even after so many months from my radiology rotation.

Now I am on cardiology and it pains me to see a specialty i always like lacks diversity in patients. Maybe i cant take over specialisation. I may end up a generalist.