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Saturday, March 14, 2009

And i am down with a cold

i reckon i just had a bit of fever just now. but my darling has been taking great care of me. forcing bed rest on me if not she was gg to make me bed ridden.

heating up meals, giving me meds, while i wonder what's day and night. and i remember dad said, 'it's always nice to have someone to give u a hand when you are down, that maybe the only reason to share your life with.' well there's no doubt about nicce having someone around, but well there are many other reasons too, to have a companion in life =)

today's got a cold night, and my nose is blocked again. hope the weather holds up well tomorrow, for i am to see flying planes, that i hope will not be grounded tomorrow, for they do not fly in strong winds as well not only in heavy rain.

Thank you darling =)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

it's busy isnt it

4th year isnt exactly killing me. but i sorta lose track of time and date. and i have been studying much more thanks to my darling who keeps pushing me on.

it's an interesting experience living with your loved one. you see each other so often, and yet you never get sick of them.

and i am so sad that i have so many photos to process but no time to. i prob will do some before i start studying again.

Good luck to those who are taking their MBBS exams =) yes that includes you Dr Poon.

i had a fantastic time at Warrnambool. For our 9 weeks of O&G, we get to do mentor week. It's a week where u follow a O&G consultant to everywhere he/she goes, to clinics, theatre, and other places like their house. lol. i got to go to a rural place and get attached to the O&G unit there.

that's 6 doctors, including 5 consultants. i was sad that i didnt drive there and took a train. that meant that i had to walk all around. thought the furthest is a 30 min walk. and i got to prob learn more than i had for the past 4 weeks. i stayed in a motel which the doctors kindly sponsered and went to theater and clinic and ward rounds everyday! =)

so i conclude that rural life is actually sucky for internet, but great for learning, and it's a good place to lose weight if u do not drive.

i met a few melbourne uni medical students and they are doing their cardio, respi rotation there with rural. and they have so much knowledge from books, but it was obvious they needed more ward experience which was what they were there for. i attended a tutorial with them and it was fun =).