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Monday, April 23, 2007

Be gone SPC!

well spent the whole weekend doing Students Project Cases SPC. Now i am supposedly well versed in political and health promotion issues of breast cancer.

Well i should go about actually absorbing Becky's part of patho physio and treatment. probably more useful than my part. well will be going to rural placement at Bairnsdale. and well i am considering going to remote hospital as there are only 2 places. Also maybe i will join the ambulance service for a while.

Well, now off to lecture. Exam was not too good. I'll pass but i dunno how much i'll get. Wait and see.

and Amy says hi to the world of blogging!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hope i do not come online or blog post till after exams

I got too many distraciton online. Well now to curb them by not gg online at all. unless of course to use: http://cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk/omd/

for people who actually need more than one desktop go: http://chsalmon.club.fr/index.php?en

How to make your Windows XP look like Vista/Longhorn. Well it doesnt have the Desktop windows manager which is still the coolest part. And also no desktop search which is in Vista. Well there is always Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Desktop indexing services. Go look:


well as you can see i spend too much time doing stuff that has nothing to do with studying.

Tata till Wed. Hope i dun get palpitations and die of a Myocardial infarction during the exam or maybe while studying.
Blardy Aussie Dollar climbed till 1.26 sianz... go look at the live updates at the bottom of my page

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Free hugs

And have a look at my photos of them at city where i was with Karin. We joined in and got our fair share of hugs too. Too bad we were pressed for time, if not we would have stayed the whole night there.

Karin was here

My cousin came, stayed and conquered Melbourne city. Photos are up. Lovely shots of brighton beach. Hope to make a good panorama soon. Real glad she came. Had a fantastic time, got a new pair of shoes.

Study is terrible. i wonder if i can make it. 18 April our exams. projects to kill my brain while i am studying too.... walk along a road so silent and dark and u realise how much u want to sob when u are stressed.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Ramble ramble. i just go on and on.... feel the momentum of my thoughts wa ha ha.

The word used to describe continuation of movement due to the presence of velocity, mass and therefore inertia. An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will continue to move in a straight line of space. Space can be curved due to the effect of gravity as seen from Relativity.

So today. I went to eat lunch at the Menzies lawn in school, just because Nicole whom i was checking out that day during lunch, suddenly came over to sell Mutton Briyani vouchers for today. So I bought it from her.... Met JEM yes all 3 of them waiting for bus to Glen. Ate my lunch at the lemon scented lawns. However, the lemon scent was ot what it used to be last year, the grass has waned with the pressure exerted on them by the weighty humans that exert their dominance on worldly creatures with their feet.

Studied in Mattheson library for 3 hours and did more work than i did for the past week. i hope that the momentum will persist. Sounds impossible to some. . Well i'll leave it to you to believe or not. Returned to run with Jasmine. Though theoretically not with as i ran a different route, at a different speed. Decided to run round the field at Browns road. Had the urge to play soccer. Had so many chio bus to spur me on in my run. So much that i wheezed (yes i tried the long term beta agonist that the doc gave me... to no avail) and had a stich that lasted till the end of the run. 30 mins and i was tired.

Walked home after. decided to take a different route through Seascape then through Panorama. Amazingly i met Zhuo Ran, well she is in med too. Then i met Quenby. Apparently she stays on Panorama i tink or she had some business there. The car she was beside had a L plate though.

Then i met this Iranian guy. Just randomly started talking ot me while i walked home. Apparently he wanted to find a chort cut to get to Clayton so i showed him the short cut. Had a great chat with him. And found out that he is not actually coping well with life here but still faring well with his studies. he said he would get a HD for today's paper.

Cooked Curry chicken. Tasted not bad. Potatoes are starting to melt though. Burnt my wedding finger. Just a teeny weeny bit. But it stings a bit when i showered.

Ramble ramble. If any of you actually read from the first ramble to the last. I congratulate you on have such patience. Either you like to read about my life so much or you are concerned about me. Or maybe you just have more time than i think i have. Slumber now, for a better mind to work with later.... ta ta

Looking forward to Karin's (my cousin) arrival from Brisbane for Easter!