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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i'm in melb

back in melb. recloned my lappy (Dorothy) and staying at Bambie's place for the moment, till Andrew and Ling can find a place with me.

This time i feel incredibly much more sad than the previous times i left singapore. i wonder why. ;p

Friday, January 11, 2008

Love and lust

so today i had a sudden realisation. we always ponder about the differences of love and lust. then i found a situation which distinguishes both quite clearly.

when say the object of affection/lust, is sick or unhealthy. in a situation of lust, you will only want to meet him/her after he/she has recovered for more sex. but in a situation of love, you would want to spend more time with him/her to help him/her recover faster, to help while they cant move, to get that cup of water when they are thirsty.

anyone has any comments?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

<2 weeks till i return to Melbourne

first and foremost, photos are up =) one of the better batches of photos i have so far.

i miss Singapore already, although i havent left here yet. so many things to do. think i have a illness: to make myself exceptionally over-busy. I wonder how am i going to retire next time.

quite a few things i have thought about. was with dad and his good old friend and ex colleague. they are the ones that have seen much of our society and have loads of comments on what's good and bad, therefore in my opinion they are the ones who are in the best position to suggest what changes can be made to further improve society. however it seems like naturally, they are the ones that have let go of wanting to change society after facing so much inertia from the public sector towards suggestions. So, sadly, the people who know what needs to be changed in society are the ones who will not give suggestions.

the new mean testing system which the health ministry just announced was also what they were talking about just before it was announced. if they had their views seen, different policies like mean testing would have come out so much earlier.

i have been scrapbooking, and spent a bomb at madewithlove, with the girls there staring at me, why a guy would be so interested in scrapping... met many people this week, and i am still waiting for someone to tell me when we are meeting ;pp

housing is a tad of a worry to me, but i am confident we can find a nice and comfy one, with my 大哥 and 小妹 i.e. Andrew and Ling lol. so i'm the middle child, someone better give me some attention.

results wise, seems like the singaporeans did well for our exams, so did i. i didnt score fantastic in my opinion, but well i need to work much harder than tt.

hoping to sell my camera soon the older one tt is.

global recession up ahead
. . . well dad has been saying this for at least a year, and well the US is going down, and the world will crumble with it, if they did not diversify their investments and reserves and whatevernots. so buy time soon, and soon maybe mid or end 2008.