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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Life without time for myself

It's been real real tiring. Life without internet or something above 56kbps is real irritating. i busted my internet quota of a miserly 250mb on my broadband and am now relegated to using 56kbps. That is if i hae time or energy to come online in the first place.

Work has been well... mundane. though i get to learn how to communicate and appease disturbing or disturbed customers. There was this one that came in when we werent that busy and spent 1 hr talking to me. It was a guy. Some of my friends think he was there to pick me up... maybe he was disturbed... When i am done with work i squeeze some time after work which is 8pm to hang with some friends, to the disappointment of my family that expects me to stay home. There was salsa every wed that i had to rush to without having dinner. Now there is going to union square Friday nights to salsa with the bunch that i learnt with. It was nice to see Rong yao and his friends that day. And the nights that i spent practicing salsa with Xinyi and her friends.

I need to get the number of potong pasir cc soon. i always end up gg there for archery when they are not open and end up going back home... Hanged out with my JC classmates at last yesterday at Surf & Turf. Then went for bowling at Marina Square. And after not touching the bowls for a year or more, i conclude that i should stay away from it for probably the rest of my life. I cant bowl for nuts and i broke my thumb nail so badly it bled terribly.

Spending this New Year's eve home with family, trying to tap into other's wireless to get a better internet conection...

A thought about parenting: Many of our parents were in huge families and they didnt get enough atterntion or concern from their parents. There was also not really that much money to get around the 5 to 10 siblings. So as a result, they probably swore to take care of their kids well and make sure they had enough money to provide for them, and not to get too many children as it will reduce the amount on each child. So that is why most of our parents have a maximum of 2 children (also due to the rising costs of bringing up a child), and also that they probably show us so much concern that we feel it's a bit too much some times. Well that only applies to some of us... They still love us.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

About Sunrises

Apparently the immense expense of free time i had on my trip to Penang has triggered much fodder for the 'prolific' blog of mine (thanx again Dinesh) lol. For those who have experienced kerfern's relatively random train of thought: the following should be of no surprise fow fleeting my attention span is for each topic.

I realise that i needed to get a tan, so i went to get it. and i am a bit red from it too. Then one night while i was about to drift into sweet slumber, a flash of thought so quick, an inspiration, a glimpse of what i have yet to realise in my life! Oh it's nothing much actually, just that i have taken realatively many photos but i havent gottem a proper sunrise through my camera's ccd, though i have a few sunsets. So i vouch that one of the first few photos i am going to take with my soon to arrive Fz50 will be a sunrise. Anyone got lobang for a good location for a sunrise must tell me. Anyone interested in joining me to take also contact me (preferably hot looking, female, and can drive, and HAS a car to drive ;p)

Then i realised that most people i noe at Monash Medicine are first or only borns! here's the tally (got no time to cover all)
first/only borns:

  1. me
  2. jasmine
  3. MJ
  4. Rebecca
  5. Kel
  6. Josh
  7. Ling
  8. Kary
  9. Xin Yi
  10. Melanie i tink
  11. Melissa (she has a brother and has migrated to the following list) (thanx becky for reminding me)
  12. Jonathans, yes all 3 of them
  13. Ethan
  14. and think still got others, those i left out are not intetional, i'm in a hurry yar

Those not that i squeezed my head and extracted that are not:

  1. John Lee weichern
  2. Jeff
  3. ... And my brain power diminishes to zilch

NOW ever wonder why plastic surgeons are called plastic surgeons? do they actually use plastics or polymers all the time to stitch people up? That was another question i had while lying on my bed with a poolside view in Penang. So i checked it up and the reason for the naming is: The word "plastic" derives from the Greek plastikos meaning to mold or to shape; its use here is not connected with the synthetic polymer material known as plastic. Well shihui said, dont all surgeons mold anyway? i suppose we do.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to Stephie

Yes it was a fantastic party. Got to meet up with many classmates for the first time since i came back. Too bad some didnt make it. Loved hs lil cousin Kevin, apparently we hit it off quite nicely, got to know him quite well.

My meagre number of photos i took at the party are up on my Flickr. No thanks to my half charged battery and my incapability to get my new caera over the weekend.

For those who are still not sure what was the gift we gave Steph:

Looking forward to seeing more classmates who were missing in action last night. On both 20th ant 30th Dec. Though many will be away soon.

  1. Mel is away for exchange in Australia till 10th Jan
  2. Pema going France for a semster, leaving on 1 Jan, for a sem. France tt's like how cool!
  3. Steph leaving for US, leaving on 29th Dec i think, for a sem
  4. Aik Heng also going to US but dunno when.
  5. Shihui gg for hols till January
  6. JR and El gg off too
  7. Yiting the cheenapok at China, cheenaing

And I will be off fo rPenang tmr. But will be back on Saturday. So hoping i can get my camera today. They ran out of stock on Saturday. Cathay photo raised their price so i am not buying from them. So i am now getting from 'Shop-Right Electronics' at Orchard Towers.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Half marathon post mortem

I am suffering. My quadriceps are aching from the run. Now my feet are aching from standing the whole day. Well no pain no gain, feel kinda satisfied i finished the Standard Charted Half Marathon in 2hrs 29min 32 sec according to my running chip

for those who ram, this is the link to the timings analysis page: http://www.runpix.name/sin06/ge.php
Those who want to see my details my bib is 11415

Archery. It has been 6 years since i shot my last arrow. And my coach still says my from is still there, just that i need a longer bow, i have grown. And well, my upper limb extensors are still aching from 3 hrs of archery on Saturday. Spent like $40 on new equipment, not even upgrading my bow limbs to a longer one yet.

Got a new part timer at my store wa ha ha can tekan! but i being the nice guy that i am, treated her properly. teach her the ropes of being a good part timer. Experiences on the job.
Definition of the epitome of retail therapy: A guy of age mid 30s enters store. He asks what we have. The things that i point at are the things he buy. I had to stop him from buying extra stuff, i have a conscience... In the end he spent $800 but thanx to our promotion vouchers, he paid $120 less. Now that is retail therapy. lol the guy said it himself. Girls go beat that.