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Monday, March 26, 2007


To look oneself in the eye and feel that you are up for whatever is coming ahead. Having aconfidence when you do not even know what is coming. Id that real confidence, or rather a lie that you can handle anything. You havent been through everything have you?

Motivation, self motivation is more than jsut telling yourself you can do it. It is truly believing in yourself. But how do you overcome the inertia that is making you sleepy every time you hit the books. (mine are ebooks ;p)Well i havent found an answer to that. Probably i need to remind myself why i am so tired. I dunno. Maybe i need to remind myself why am i doing medicine and what i set out to do in the first place. I am not here just to be a simple student that just passes. well it's a dream, but we dun get anywhere without dreams do we. Strive? to endure with will power. Maybe motivation is more powerful.

Beats me... i dunno what am i writing...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy busy busy not studying.. booo

Well had Singapore Association of Monash > SAM BBQ on Fri, Whole day Winery trip with the Monash Photography Club on Saturday. Both events were spectacular. Photos are already uploaded for these 2 events as well as Ling's Bdae with both my and her photos.

The BBQ: the turn out was like about 50, and they planned only for 30, so food was a problem. Well it was those people who did not RSVP and just came. Shame on them. Though i think i was one of them too ;P. Vivek, quickly remedied the problem with his right hand drive, pizzas and more sausages! There was also movie screening of Little man. Well i'm not exactly a fan of that kind of humour. Had lot's of fun shooting though, still think XY has a better personality for photographing. There was a class for Swing by Monash Dance Sport just beside our event. There are a few photos of that too. Angsty Jeff tell us about his farewell speech planning on his departure when they are going to hand over, interesting, but well not surprising. There are always people around who work and other who just look like they work. Some are sadder, they try to look like they work, but they not at all. lol

The winery trip: went to Yarra Valley for 3 different wineries. The planning of the trip was great, especially the logistics the amount of food catered for the trip was fantastic for 57 people, morning tea and also lunch. Though it was like sandwiches and breads and bakery stuff, we were still mighty satisfied. The view was splendid, says the photos. The wine was lovely, and i puchased one for me and another one for Melanie's dad, i remember her dad likes wine, when we went Vic market before we went back to Singapore. I bought Cabernet Sauvignon blend with Merlot vintage: 2003 and it was only $10!

Now back to studying. or rather back to starting to study...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy 21st! Miss Wong Ling Ling

Happy birthday to the girl. And lucky her got her best friends that came over to almost surprise her. That Pek Wan Sze forgot she got my umber, if not i could have helped to arrange for her surprising entry to the party.

I made my first ever Choc cake. and my first ever cake for 30 people. and in the end, it still wasnt enough. So as we can see the turn out for the party was huge. Venue was the JEM house. Those who do not know, it's Jeffery, Ethan and Ming Jian. The bbq was fantastic, though it poured after most of the food was done. Made great tasting prawns with Jim BEan. Didnt now it was Ethan who got it for himself. Sorry. But well the prawns were good.

The cake according to many was good. They said, the nuts inside were interesting. But here's the secret: there were no nuts! I forgot to get some castor sugar and ended up waiting for Xin Yi to buy. While waiting for the sugar, i mixed the egg and flour together, and the wait was too long causing the mixture to harden, so by the time i got to mix it with the choc, there were bits that could not blend in well... and that is the story of the pseudonuts. Well it was still good tasting for my first try. go look at the photos. They will be up soon.

Partially burnt my Shepard's pie today as i have no good oven. The oven has both top and bottom heating element, but only the bottom is working. Like cooking a ccake on stove like that. So to brown the top of my Shepard's pie, i transfer to the grill compartment of the oven and well i set the heat too high, there is no temp marking for the grill... booo... And well smelt it burning after i exited my shower. Thank goodness it's only the ripples of my Shepard's pie that is burnt.

Tommorrow is my first driving lesson, hope i learn fast, and pass early, so that i can get drining over and done with, at last i will have a new skill to flaunt to myself, and i got a mirror to look at all the time (as if i am so vain). That is if i get a car, which is very very unlikely

Thursday, March 08, 2007


no it's not a spelling error. it's Uni titled.

Studying better now. but well still long way to go for much stuff. still playing catch up as usual. Cooked Char Siew 叉烧 today using pork belly. And i realise that maybe i should use some other meet next time. I can almost imagine the fatty streaks forming in my vessels...

Becky got her car, Ethan's parents came and got us Krispy Kremes! Thanx Ethan and Ethan's Dad and Ethan's Mum! JEM got a 31" LCD screen, they getting foxtel. I can only react reactionlessly... Real sad that Mr Lee Wei Chern decided to go back to Malaysia to read his medicine. Well what to do, he has his reasons and i respect that.

Got a new Nokia 6288, with a 2 year plan in Australia's "3". it's a mobile service provider for those who do not know.. at $3 i get to have unlimited MMS to "3" users quite interesting.

Realise that actually i have many people around me who are really hardworking, and that i should attempt to follow their foot steps and not slack around. Still inspirational is Candy Goh: 3 times on Dean's Honour Roll. That's equivalent to Dean's list. Though it was for business, it's still incredible. Well she's my mum's friend's daughter. Not say real close to her, but still inspirational.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Think i am not studying well. Not good. So i have to sacrifice a sumptuous dinner in city with SSAV. Sad that John had to go back to Malaysia in the end. But well as long as he is happy that way. There is seldom a win-win situation.

Realise that i have really really great inertia to go against to start studying. And no, i have not got the momentum yet. I am a little worried. Registered for driving lessons from RACV, hope they get back to me soon. Haha to think that i was wondering if there was enough time for other stuff like archery. Well this comes to show that i can't manage my time properly...

Meanwhile, photos i took in Malacca are out. It's the biggest set i have uploaded so far. Hope you guys like it. Photos of my room and refugees that have frequented are also there!

Now back to Anatomy. Hope i can mug hard to get the postgrad thingy our Gerry promised us.