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Saturday, November 24, 2007

i am off to Melacca

just a quick update, i am gg to Melacca from 24-26 Nov.

apparently my mum got a 20% off for hotels or something, so we are gg there to see my dad's cousin. She just got a new house. and we are there to have a look. It's daddy's birthday today.

HAPPY Birthday!!!

was browsing through my mum's lenses for her film SLR. and found a 28mm F/2.8 Tonika. Blardy old. but blardy good!!!! it is manual focus though and also i have to do my own exposure assessment, no metering. Love shooting with it because it makes me think a lot before i shoot. It's a prime lens i suppose, no change of zoom, mum calls it standard lens, dad calls it fixed lens. It's interesting to see them both show me their lenses. Some are older than me 0.o

Take care and have fun.

Good luck to those having exams. Like MR Edwin Yang and mm other people in NUS

some photos are up on my flickr. but mm think forgot to rotate some. iritating. as photoshop and adobe bridge auto rotates the photos and so i forget to rotate them as i think they are rotated... u catch my drift.

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