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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Perth here i come

so the past few days have been me busy going out, almost neglecting my parents. sad =(

met some of my JC classmates. Eleanor, Yiting, Pema, Charis, Elaine. where are the guys?!
photos up after i come back from Perth

met up with som PA Crewies. Yong Ji who just back for the christmas period from illinois, Kang Xun who seems to be doing well, and Lilian who is going over to meet Weihong soon; meanwhile struggling to complete her FYP.

had deserts at Miss Ho's house with Kel, Becky =), Zhen, Sheryl, Steph, Eelin. played pictionary for the first time in many many many years.

returned the terrapins back to my neighbour. miss them already =(

lost my ATM card. no idea where but cancelled it.

and spent so much time and effort on a wedding video. it's being transcoded by my desktop now, it's been 6 hours and it still hasnt finish burning the first piece. i am sooo sorry Rachel. the banes of modern technology.

Going to perth on Thurs morning 0930hrs. hope i have enough memory cards to shoot, and that the farm stay will be cool =) the weather will be not thought. the day i am returning back to sg is forecasted to be 38 deg. time to find the sunglasses (mine just broke) and slab on the sun screen.

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