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Monday, August 11, 2008


So smilies have started to make it on my blog titles!

studied well with the gf the past weekend and also got to cook ku lou yok (not a very good attempt though). Had a huge dinner with Becky's granduncles and their friends and i am really glad got to meet them, such successful people.

having MCRs (mini case reports(my mini exam)) tomorrow and i think i should be fine, but my tuttor just grilled 2 of my groupmates and i like his style: asking questions till you cannot answer them to assess your level of knowledge.

Apologies the photos are coming on slowly. it is a good thing: means i am actually studying ;p

it's getting quite cold here, but well at least they are getting some water for their drying dams.

so good luck to me tomorrow for MCRs, and hope my gastro/Renal/Urology rotation works out well =)

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