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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back from Philip Island

Back from the depths of boredom of the Medicine Transition Camp at the Philip Island Adventure Resort. We were supposed to familiarise ourselves with changes in the learning and examination procedures from high skool to Uni.

It appears it was a little beyond my expectation on the amount of self directed learning we have to do. Well have Patient Centred Learning, similar to NUS PBLs, probably just that we need to analyse the patients more in-depth even in the psychological, legal, social aspect, basically a very very broad spectrum of issues involving the cause of the illness. Then PBLs apparently will only be implemented later in our course, Yr 3 onwards, with less guidance from tutors. Basically I still dun know the difference btwn PCL and PBL other than the amount of guidance…

Then we also have Objective Structured Clinical Examination OSCE. Well I knew the existence of it but never expected to come in contact wif it so early. Well at least OSCEs are still not part of Yr 1 exams yet. But there’s a mock OSCE which is 0% for this year’s score…

Well enuff said on Stardies… We had some fun… in the midst of all the boring and constant breathing of ‘teamwork’ in your ear. There was the Giant Swing (which was a new excitement to me), Flying Fox (which is too common in Singapore). Then there was Foosball i.e. table soccer. We actually had to present some skit for the night. But the Singaporean guys just didn’t give a damn and we played foosball throughout. The foosball room was just beside the hall and we actually had so much fun and made so much noise that a guy actually came in to tell us to quieten down.

Met this F*** bas****. His name is Nathaniel. I dun give a damn if his name is spelt wrongly. He’s a yr3 Singaporean med student in Monash. But I hate him. It takes a lot for me to dislike someone, but I totally hate this guy to the core. Wanna stab him till … till whateva… Let me describe him: He looks decent. At first, he sounds Australian. Then he sees our Singaporean group and shows us for a sentence that he can speak in Singaporean accent then continues his Australian accent as though he wants to desperately hide it.

Then he makes it a big deal that he hasn’t done NS unlike ALL the guys at the table and that he will become a big F*** MO unlike us. We’ll that definitely pissed us off. So both Jeremy and I being carefully sarcastic, gave him a prompt good bye and good nite. Then he gave the screwed up comment that we seriously neeed to work on our interpersonal skills. Like I would even want to have anything to do wif this piece of… If the words he spoke do not seem so condescending, it was the air of his imaginary throne which seats him above us Singaporeans who actually are proud enough to speak how we originally sound like. This ACS Barker piece of …. Better not let me see him in Singapore. I shocked John at how much this guy irritated me, he knew me for 16 yrs and probably never seen me so worked up over a guy.

Back to a more cheerier mood, go look at the album of the first meal I cooked with John. It doesn’t look that good. But wat do u expect! We only had mess tins and my frying pan big enough for an egg only…

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