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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Brighton Beach

Today... Brighton beach we went... John and I... walk and walk till we almost died of dehydration. From Brighton Beach Station all the way north, through St Kilda's Beach, to Melbourne City in the roasting sun. Good thing we saw the tram and took it to Melbourne city after we walked bout 1km after St Kilda's if not, we would have been fried lobsters by now. Was so thirsty that i drank till i was overflowing, but still thirsty... The Solo lemonade we bought just b4 we went to the train station was heavenly!

Great fish and chips, basket for 2: 2 Prawns, 4 Calamari Rings(too bad not fried), 2 Potato cakes (almost like deep fired sweet potato... man i miss goreng pisang), 2 Flakes (fish), lotsa lotsa fries. Think i do not need dinner... Go look at the breath-taking pictures make sure someone round u noes CPR b4 it takes away ur breath. And no, i did not scan them from a postcard.

Off to do my research on Alcohol and then Disability. And Happy 20th to Ling², and 23rd(Sorrie, 22nd...) to Jonathan Tan.

Yar and monash peeps, anyone want the Netter's Atlas CD can download from me through DC++.

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