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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Love my PCL tute group!

Love my PCL tute group!
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Had a wonderful semster with my PCL tute group, and definitely with our dear tutor Adina. She's fantastic. It was the last turorial and we'll be changing groups next semester *sob*

So we had a mini party with doritos, i contributed Tim Tams with Kelvin bcos Kary couldn't get me her organic corn chips. But well we had fun watched funny clips and there was too much food. Tim actually baked us a cake! We're gonna miss u. Hope we at least see her when we do dissections later in the year.

Had a great soccer game with Josh, John, Becky, Kelvin a.k.a. Shearer, Alex and some other Aussies. Though it ended with a super flop by me and therefore ended the game with the last goal.

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