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Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Quicky

This will be a fast post, i gotta do my assginment. I have to finish it by tomorrow and i'm not even half way through. Sighh... Play too many games liao.

Exams was not fantastic, Felt it was difficult and that i was less prepared than the previous one. Scary thought... I think i will pass. 13 July, the date (of release of results) to look forward to, and yet not. We had a great celebration after, went to Crown for buffet, had KTV from 9.45 pm till bout 3.30 am. W0OT! Some of them decided to stay on in city till the next day and they slept at Crown's KFC and arcade, got chased by Security guards. But i went back apparently to get more rest for assignment... but i did not do assignment in the end... Photos up go look, not many though.

Dinner today was fantastic with the ever chio Ling and also the National Fencer Wan Sze, Korean fod rulez! too bad got no chio korean waitress... lucky got 2 chio bus to acompany me ;P haha

Starting Work on Tuesday. *Yay*

Here's a clip for all u flying fanatics out there. It's quite a long clip (dun say i didn't warn u) but it's probably good enough to convert those who think flying is just... flying to love the Thunderbirds (no not the ones with strings on them, these are real professionals, if u can do it at home go ahead)

The Thunderbirds

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