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Saturday, July 01, 2006

I will not tag someone...

XIUWEN! Why did u do this to me! haha. well here goes the post that stops here, no more propagation no more harmed victims. First time i do this kinda stuff, but all u readers out there, if u want to do it, just go ahead. Now, now, dun complain that i'm not sporting. I just dun realy like chain mail and this kind of stuff all together. Everyone's entitled to an opinion right? And posts like this are like tearing the clam shells apart of me that i have been sometimes trying to shut so tightly... Things like this always ask bout favourites. It suddenly occur to me that, i've been sailing through life without much favourites... Just taking things as they come along, occasionally and i really mean occasionally actually label some inanimate as a favourite. No wonder i actually have difficulty deciding whether i actually like a person. Wow, i'm wierd.

1. Do the following WITHOUT complains

2. Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours(I will not)

3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this. (i will not)

Favourites Favourite Colour: Green...Favourite Food: anything cooked with love, from a sandwich (theoretically not cooked) to a 10 course dinner to my crystal jade timsum. Favourite Song: Wherever You will Go (The Calling), The Scientist (Coldplay) Favourite Movie: Before Sunset Favourite Sport: Archery (but i probably totally can't shoot after so many years) Favourite Day of the Week: Monday (just bcos everybody hates it) Favourite Season: Seasonal Affective Disorder Favourite Ice Cream: Ice cream is ice cream, love every type of it.

Currents Current Mood: Psyched, Just watch Tokyo Drift in MJ's Room Current taste: Yogurt, just finished 1 litre of Vanilla Yogurt Current Clothes: shorts and a VJ 02 orientation tee Current Desktop: Morning at Normanby (go look at my flikr) .Current Toenail Colour: Pale, from cold feet Curent Time: half past midnight Current Surroundings: my room at halls. inundated by the noisy fan from my laptop Current Annoyances: Do i ever get annoyed? I dunno

FirstFirst Best Friend: Bryan in Faith Methodist (K1) First Crush: Emily from Faith Methodist (K1, We held hands i think, she was my partner when we were lining up. ) First Movie: Snow White and 3 little pigs, i watched one just after the other, my mum bought both and that got me hooked onto teevee. First Lie: Can't remember, the earliest i remember is when i told the maid i was going toilet when 4 or 5 yrs old when i actually went to the playground First Music: Still have the 1st music book my parents bought when i was 3 or 4, notice ABC and twinkle stars have the same tune.

LastsLast Cigarette: Does passive smoking count. Can't blame me, i'm blessed with asthma, so i'll prob nvr smoke Last Drink: Does water count? alcohol will be from the port that my neighbour Kar Mun couldn't finish Last Car Ride: bout 6 i think just came back from Mount Dandenong (Thanx again Terrence) Last Crush: Can't decide, too many to choose and lost count. lol Last Movie: Click! in the cinema, Tokyo Drift in MJ's room Last Phone Call: with Kary about her getting the same zone ticket as i am for the Coldplay concert Last CD played: Whoa! tricky one. Acronis True Image Recovery disk, to reclone my hard disk

Have you ever Have you ever dated one of your best friend: Have i ever even had a proper date? lol Have you ever broken the law: Does underage clubbing count? Have you ever been arrested: NOPE. Have you ever skinny-dipped: nope. I am not skinny and i dun dip, i plunge. Have you ever been on TV: Nope but acted in Victoria Theatre before, closest i had with showbiz. Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: lol kiss! u gotta be kidding!

5 things you are wearing: i'm wearing less than that, 1 of significance is modesty. 4 things you done today: Watched a penalty shootout in Terrence's house, Make Pancakes there, went to Mt Dandenong, forgot to get my aunt a birthday card, watch tokyo drift. 3 things you can hear right now: Some ass speaking so loudly in the hallway, my pesky loud laptop fan, my harddisk running 5 people to tag? 5 people i meet in heaven, maybe i should get started on tt audio book

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