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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A pre-coldplay post post, pre sydney post. Post Life of 3.1415926536, and post Short History of Nearly Everything

If u get the title, U're either a genius that understands anything anyway or u actually understand my random stringing of words together that has sense but probably grammatically so wrong that i would disappoint Mrs Koh (my GP tutor). As u can tell i am a little off today.

Apologies for not being able to post anything substantial for The Coldplay Concert. I did the best of things to do... Forgot to bring spare batteries to my already dying camera. So i need to rely on Dinesh's photos and VIDEOS which i have yet to get. Will do a proper post for that

Working has got me thinking and mentally enhanced. Why? u might ask? marking papers, staring at the computer screen, continuous incessant noise of muse clicking actually stimulates brain cells? There was so little brain actiity that we seriously had problems staying awake. Kary's Audio books, a life saver. They kept me company. Being the infrequent reader that i always have been, it's amazing that i actually finish 'reading' 2 books. Through my iPod nano. First Short History of Nearly Everything then Life of Pi (aka 3.1415926536)

Short Hist: Got me high at first with the abstract physics, (for those who do not know, i actually like abstract physics a lot, enough for me to consider a career in it before), then it was a steep decline of interest after. Chemistry was not so bad. Then came the dinosaurs, and worse: taxonomy. There is actually more than a chapter on taxonomy. How can they talk so much about name calling... Well i learnt a lot i guess, but it kept me awake at least.

Life of Pi: Interesting relapse of Robinson Sucroe, Crusoe whateva. The tale of a whole book of lies. Ship wreck. Not really lies as metaphors used too literally. Go read. It ain't too bad, Just that it couldn't keep me awake most of the time and i have to interject it with some Likin Park or Eminem to give my consciousness a few light face slaps to keep me clicking.

Oooh! and did i mention i actually met Jake the presient of the Singapore Students Association of Victoria (SSAV). He was at the computer beside me. I also met NorWind, Funky name for a malaysian girl. Got their contacts.

Enough! I need to go pack. 2 hours to leave for Sydney and i dun have anything in my bag other than my underwear. Ta ta for now

~brought to u by the letter C (for Coldplaying is cooler than Qoo)~

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