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Thursday, January 18, 2007

So i got a new camera

Yes i got it at last. And a tat too soon, as someone offered me a deal $21 cheaper. damn...

Well took quite many fotos recently, on my way to work, to events like the Aussie Med students gathering at Marriot Hotel organised by Sing Health.

Realised that i got loads and loads to learn still for composing pictures. A quote from the book MJ bought me for my bdae (yes MJ i am reading it at last): "What makes a picture good is what happens before the shutter is pressed (composing the picture), not wat happens during or after."

I am quiting my job on 31st January. Need to start writing my resignation letter. Loved working there, the staff there is so nice. GO TO RAOUL @ HITACHI TOWERS! lol Kamal, Linda, Karin, had loads and still having lots of fun with them. Hope my pay comes through this time. Or i think some legal action can be taken. Wahaha.

Got my air ticket liao. Flying on 22 FEB. 11+pm SQ

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