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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Feeling

The feeling that i have lesser confidence in myself somehow unlike last year.
The feeling that trouble is brewing among us somewhere i can't see too clear.
The feeling that i can make it somehow.
The feeling that love can come and go so fast you never saw how.

Think I resolve to do better this year. I realise so many people have high expectations of me since i went back. Well i will do my best that's all i can say.

The cycle of birthdays begin again.

The feeling of fear so great that my heart shivers, and yet my face still carries a perpetual smile, and the hand is yet so stable.

Got a new quilt and quilt cover set. Cost me a bit, but Kmart had 30% off! My wardrobe has much left to be desired and my quilt doesnt really maches my bed sheets that i have. booo hoo how smart can i be..

I love my house except for the shower that has almost zilch pressure. I will survive. I am praying that XY, Kel and Becky get electricity soon. They are really suffering...

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