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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Think i am not studying well. Not good. So i have to sacrifice a sumptuous dinner in city with SSAV. Sad that John had to go back to Malaysia in the end. But well as long as he is happy that way. There is seldom a win-win situation.

Realise that i have really really great inertia to go against to start studying. And no, i have not got the momentum yet. I am a little worried. Registered for driving lessons from RACV, hope they get back to me soon. Haha to think that i was wondering if there was enough time for other stuff like archery. Well this comes to show that i can't manage my time properly...

Meanwhile, photos i took in Malacca are out. It's the biggest set i have uploaded so far. Hope you guys like it. Photos of my room and refugees that have frequented are also there!

Now back to Anatomy. Hope i can mug hard to get the postgrad thingy our Gerry promised us.

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