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Monday, March 10, 2008

dead tired

it's time for me to change how i prioritise.

work has been stacking up a lot. and i have been doing useless stuff. like processing photos.

had a great party last night at my place. for Ling, my housemate. Daryl and I surprised her with 40 odd people stuck in our apartment. Thanx to those who turned up and those who helped out, especially: Bamdrew ;p, Emily and people who turned up though they had something on. thanx everyone for making it a great party

made the 2nd chocolate cake in my life. this one tasted so GOOD! and i will post the recipe up soon. cant remember the original location. it was from a food blog. probably the first and last cake recipe i encounter that uses boiling water. lol

photos will have to wait for now. i got too much work at hand. "it's labour day today. we should be labouring," said Becky.

meanwhile many other photos are up. my shots in Singapore, the first few mths in melb this year and a whole lot of parties.

missing and still yet to process are Ming Jian's and Ling's smashing parties =)

"peace out"

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