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Sunday, April 06, 2008

i need to work harder

been sleeping a lot lately. like average 9 to 10 hours. so you can think how much studying i have done if my days are usually 8 to 5ish.

got a great boost of momentum thanks to you and am studying real hard at this moment. i realise i have loads of catching up to do when looking at how consistent people are. and neuro got sooooo much to read lol.

and i havent even finish evaluating the Prof's examination dvd. love him to bits, so brilliant that he was barred from being an examiner somewhere as his standard of neurological examination was so high he failed too many ;p

i just went on my first ever Studio shoot organised by the monash photography club. have some pics, have a look. loved it. we shot so much that we blew a light. lol. funny for me but not for the club. there was this hot babe that was in a suggestive post and the floor of like 6-7 photographers cap shooting an triggering the studio flash continuously till it blew. haha. tt's how desperate guys are. or rather how sad ;p

and this is picture is the mouse pad and the easter egg that Ling and Daryl bought for me =) i heart u guys =)

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