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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ah finally a post with pictures

I have finally uplaoded my photos from a city shoot. I attended the shoot with the Monash photography club and i had a lot of fun. Especially seeing Victor whom i was introducing photography to about 2 years ago with his point and shoot, now matured to be a photographer probably better equiped than i am. he's got really good shots too, and i am glad we can learn from each other now =)

i am heading of to paediatrics for 5 weeks at Monash Medical Centre and then 4 weeks at Frankston hospital. Looking forward to it, but getting a bit stressed about it. Havent really studied hard for O&G and still trying ot finish up some notes, while also trying to pre read paediatrics.

Meanwhile mum's gone to Europe with my Aunt, haha wish i was there.

okay here are my fav photos from Saturday's shoot: the first shot has all 3 traffic light colours! =)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

WOW!! I'm really impressed by the photos! Great colours!

Are you going to be at MMC Clayton?? I'm starting at Kingston centre soon, won't be at Clayton until Midyear... hehehe

Have fun in O&G!