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Sunday, March 07, 2010

5th year

I realise there is so much i do not know. the more i inquire the more i realise that just scratching the surface of this insurmountable pyramid is a slow but sure way to tackling this whole entity of knowledge.

Expectations of the 3rd years have increased after meeting many that are really just bright and burning to learn. But i fear that my expectation become too high, and i communicate too much information, or that i demand too much.

A doctor, english for the latin doctoris which means teacher. And a good teacher has higher expectations of what the students can delvier, but not too high such that the students give up and not spur forwards. Motivation is key, but how do you keep people striving, hungry for more? is it to just keep having passion to deliver experience and knowledge? or is there someway else to keep the light burning, the attention undiverted, in this vast distractable world.

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