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Sunday, March 07, 2010

how education impedes creativity

watched a TED talk about just this topic and got me thinking to write it up.

Our current formal education with whichever part of the world has been developed by people at the epitome of acadamia. This has resulted in us modelling the peak of education is that you end up as some professor in the Uni. Little did we realise that the end point is not the same for everyone. What happened to the rest of the professions, be it skilled labourers and also people in the Arts.

Arts have been relegated to a lowly rank in our education since the start of industrialisation to give way to mathematics and science. This has led us to prosper, but also lead to the loss of creativity. We end up wanting to be ahead of others, end up fear failure. Fearing failure is the biggest flaw in the current education. With the fear of failure, there is no room for experimentation, for imagination, for we dare not take the step that is not certain, not definite.

Creativity stems from this willingness to take risks, and to accept failure as a possible outcome and learning through it. Innovation is but a win after the many losses.

So accept the fear of failure, but strive to take risks for innovation, for we cant stay stagnant anymore.

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