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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Cultural Canival

The Cultural Canival
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As promised, the post on The Cultural Carnival. It was wicked fun! learnt that i can dance with my 3 left feet... that every skit needs fantastic props... and that though i couldn't stand my dance partner due to her incessant attention seeking bouts of comments and actions, we can still dance together wonderfully. And no i still do not like her...

So my Jamaican story was the misadventures of 3 penguins from Philip Island (that's near Melbourne) that go to Jamaica. Basically, for the whole night, the more culturally wrong or insensitive the plays get, the more humor, the more fun.

Sneaked in the Richardson people for them to come watch our Carnival and free desert, because they did not have anything to wear for their Retro Night.

It's now Easter break till next Thurs. Diving into the books, to mug for my mid sem exam next Fri that only accounts for 5% of the whole year... The Char siew was good, the braised prok lacked a lil more black sauce. No pics for those... It'll be Curry Chicken next week. So sad, the mess hall not open, so got to cook everyday =(.

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