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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter's Coming

It's been fast, half a semester has flown past. We'l be having an easter break from 12 to 19th April. Thenit will be our mid Semester Exam on 21st! Gasp! Though it's only 5% of the whole year's assesment. Got lots to catch up, have been playing too much Need for Speed: Most Wanted...

Have been cooking this whole week. It ain't too bad, but gotta cut down on the time taken to cook; If we cook together it's bout an average of 1½ hours. Next week's menu include attempt to make Char Siew and Braised Pork. Shepard's pie this week was good, sorry no pic for that.

Cultural Carvival's next week, apparently i'm acting as a penguin visiting Jamaica...

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