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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What time is it? Its PFE. Pleasant Friday Evening

So... Mid semester exam's over. The paper was okay (never knew what that meant) and the paper was errornous, the lecturers were trying to be so complicated that they probably confsed themselves. And we went clubbing at 'Seven'. About 2 km south of Melbourne City.

The music was okay, man i miss Mambo Night, the drinks were cheap: $3.50 for a glass of liquor. Cover charge was $3. The people were fun! Go check the photos! Had only 3 drinks then left bout 1, i tink and took nightrider back to our hall. Had to run to go find where the bus stop was to board, did not find it, but instead it stopped at the traffic light...

Today's Anzac day: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANZAC_Day. Holiday! But slept till noon, after a good game of DOTA. Weihong, Lilian, Kangxun and Yong Ji, i'm ready to play against u all... Wa Ha Ha Ha..

Yesterday had a fantastic game of badminton, the racket that i loaned from the sports hall was a limiting factor to my performance. But still we had great fun, it's after all the only racket game i can play properly, though the only other racket game i can think of is tennis...

Had a close call with moving out of halls. We saw this amazing huge house that can accomodate 6 of us. We calculated the money stuff, i went with Jasmine to IKEA to check the furniture prices, and just before we decide to actually tell the agent our decision, i called my parents. Talked to them for 1 hour plus, and they got me to understand why i should not take that house. Well basically it's too big (the maintenance is terrible), too may people (maybe noisy) and we actually lose money because we have to furnish it... Well maybe next time. Sorry to those who really wanted to move out...

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