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Monday, May 22, 2006

Got a Job, Got a holiday, Nothing without my friends

And i got a job as a professional scorer! Going to mark GCE and GCSE papers for AUD$18.71/hr. Ain't that cool. Going for training on the system on Thursday afternoon, too bad gonna skip my sociology tutorial. For those who did not get it yet, please dun fret. Call them tmr k? i'm sure Eniko will get back to u =) Cheer up.

So my holidays plans are roughly like that:

8 June - 4 July work my finger till i get carpel tunnel syndrome, marking is on the computer, they scan the papers in and u grade them with the answer scheme they give u.

5 July - 12 July Sydney! stay in some hostel at ~AUD$20 a night and spend quality time with Ethan, Xin Yi, Ming Jian, Jasmine. Only Jasmine and I not going for the Hillsong conference. Though we may join in the night(it's free admission at night i think)AND GET MY FAIR SHARE OF KRISPY KREMES!!!!

Later in July: Snow boarding.

~tata for now~

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