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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Study Life and Wheatbix

So it has come to the stage of a need for perpetual mugging, but yet i am still not...

Strict Diet to upkeep. Cooked for lunches and dinners today. Think it can last maybe 2 or 3 days.

Breakfast will be Tuna mayo supplemented by sausages and cheese. When out, it will be replaced by pink salmon mayo. YUM!: to keep the omega 3 levels high.

Most important meal of the day: Snack time, since it sccounts for most of the day... I snack a lot when i study: This week's special: tim tams are on offer again. he he. To keep the cocoa and serotonin levels high, bought my favourite dark chocolate 70% cocoa. other than that, it's wheatbix and cornflakes. They have high fibre and other nutrients. And i eat wheatbix on its own, i think it taste better that way.

Man i gotta study! 7 June ain't far, it's 9 days away. OMG! It sucks to see so many people to have almost finished their assignments while you yourself are struggling to start. Think i'm going to put my assignment to after exams. Think i'm at the boderline of positive and negative stress... or maybe i'm just bipolar. whateva.

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