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Friday, September 29, 2006

My 21st

The Card 2
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So, a long overdue, late post, almost 1 weeks already. Pictures for the celebration with the Monash Meddies, will come slightly later. Havent got it from them yet. I would like to thank all of u for celebrating my bdae with me.

The photos of all the gifts are on Flikr, so go see them, got interesting coments in there.

The celebration: MY bdae was on Sat, and on Wed, John asked me to join him for dinner, we were supposed to be having it just with each other. Then Saturday came and John delayed the time to meet up for dinner a few times. Suspicious. Well we took a bus to clayton. He "suggested" that he wanted to eat korean food. So i recommended him 2 places at Clayton. I wanted to go to another, but it didnt take him much effort to convince me to go to where he wanted. As usual i am easygoing, I WAS EXPLOITED lol.

So then as we went up the flight of stairs at the restaurant, there they all were. In the restaurant waiting for me. A yum seng that made the whole restaurant look at us... It was a fantastic meal, thanks for the treat guys, and it ended off with a cheesecake from the shop i always wanted to try, so John remembered... Too bad he's attached wahahaha.

I was bombarded by the sheer size and number of gifts.

I would seriously say it was a plan flawlessly executed. But i had some suspicions along the way:

  1. When John called me for dinner, well it's quite unlikely that it would be just him and me
  2. On Friday night itself, Roberts hall had phototaking. I had to convince MJ to go for it as he was a little reluctant to. Then he agreed to go down with what he was already wearing: which was something quite nice; wear so nice go where? ;p
  3. Then Jeff and MJ told me they were going mess hall. And it was not only once. lol. So desperately trying to throw me off guard. And if they were really going mess hall, why MJ wear so nice before even wanting to go for photo taking.
  4. Then John tried to stall time, maybe it was because not everyone was there.
  5. Then at the bus stop with john, forgot what we were talking about, then i being my random self say i want to call Kelvin to confirm. That got John a lil gan cheong. haha

Well thats about all folks. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos. Should be up by weekend.

Bought a 500GB hard disk. And now i spent too much time on it. Havent touched my books at all. Die liao. 30 days to exams! Oh and i cut my hair, looks kinda funky it should since it costs $28. lol Just need to find a suit for med ball..

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